This Poison Is Killer Of Your Bones And You Drink It Everyday!!!

Soda drinks such as Coke are popular everywhere in the world, but rarely anyone is aware of their dangerous side-effects. Here’s what happens in your body an hour after drinking a can of soda:

First 10 minutes

A can of carbonated drink contains about 10 tablespoons of sugar, which is more than the recommended daily allowance. The body is able to take it all at once due to the phosphoric acid in the drink which cuts the flavor down and doesn’t make you vomit.

After 20 minutes

Due to the increase in glucose and insulin, the sugar gets transformed to fat in the liver.

After 40 minutes

The caffeine from the drink is now fully absorbed in the body. It immediately increases the blood flow and makes the liver release sugar into the bloodstream. At the same time, the brain starts blocking the adenosine receptors, effectively preventing you from feeling tired.

After 45 minutes

After 45 minutes, there’s an increased secretion of dopamine in the body which makes you feel better. According to scientists, this effect is similar to that of heroin.

After 50 minutes

At this point, the phosphoric acid binds calcium, zinc and magnesium in the lower intestine, effectively boosting your metabolism. This occurs due to the high levels of sugar and artificial sweeteners in the drink which increase the calcium secretion through urine.

After 1 hour

This is when caffeine’s diuretic properties kick in and you’re feeling the urge to urinate. This will expel all the bonded magnesium, calcium and zinc through the urine.

After more than an hour

As the effects of the drink stop, you’re getting a sugar crash. You may become irritable and sluggish and you have pissed away all the essential nutrients from your tissues and bones. The risk of diabetes is now significantly increased.