Tips and Home Remedies To Combat Tingling In Hands, Arms and Legs

Tingling is an abnormal sensation of numbness that can appear in any part of our body and commonly in arms, hands, and legs produced by our central nervous system.

This sensation is called paresthesia and feels tingling, loss of sensation, numbness, burning, loss of sensations or numbness and it is because we maintain the same position for a while, usually affecting the extremities.

This condition occurs due to poor circulation of our blood and therefore some parts of the body are dead. It is recommended then to have a good diet, consuming foods rich in vitamin C, cinnamon containing vitamin A, B complex, magnesium, and zinc.

Tips and home remedies to combat tingling in arms and legs

Causes that cause this tingling or numbness:

-Stay in the same position.
-Lack of blood supply.
-Lack of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium.
-People afflicted with atherosclerosis.
-People with herniated discs.
-People with diabetes
-People with hypothyroidism
-People with multiple sclerosis
-Deficiency of vitamin B12.
-Fatigue or nervous exhaustion.
-The intoxication of the nerves with substances such as alcohol, tobacco, etc.

This tingling can be a cause of poor blood circulation, therefore you should control the intake of fats and cholesterol levels.


-Practice sports to keep the circulation in good condition and thus avoid those tingling.
-Have a good diet
-Sleep well

Natural remedies for tingling:

Turmeric: Put a teaspoon of turmeric powder in a cup of milk, heat over low heat, then add a little honey and drink it once a day to help circulation.

Turmeric to massage: Make a paste with turmeric and water, then massage arms or legs for a few minutes.

Aloe vera: Apply the fresh aloe vera juice to the affected parts, also take three tablespoons of this juice away from the meals.

Garlic: Eat garlic cloves on an empty stomach or add to meals.

Mineral water: Drink a liter of mineral water on an empty stomach drinking glass slowly, this helps the circulation.

Cinnamon: In a glass of warm water, mix a spoonful of cinnamon powder. Drink it once a day.

Also, mix a teaspoon of cinnamon powder with a teaspoon of honey. Drink in the morning for a week. Cinnamon is a powerful anticoagulant and circulatory blood helps the tingling of the extremities.

Hot compresses: Put a cloth over warm water and wring it out, place in the affected area for about five to seven minutes. Repeat several times until the tingling passes.

Massage: Put some hot olive oil, coconut oil or mustard oil in the palm of your hand and apply it to the area. Massage circularly with your fingers for five minutes. Repeat according to need.

Exercises: Do simple hand and foot exercises for 15 minutes a day in the mornings and during the day, exercising hands, wrists, arms and legs doing stretching.

Do aerobic exercises for 30 minutes five days a week.

-Riding a bicycle
-Jogging or swimming

Caution: Avoid those high impact exercises, in case of numbness in the feet and fingers.