7 Foods That You Will Never Eat Again Because Of The Products With Which They Are Made! My Gosh, If I Had Known This Earlier!

Do you have knowledge of how many of the foods that you love to eat are made?

Usually, when we are enjoying some food or dessert that we like a lot; We do not notice how the process of its elaboration would be or what the ingredients used in its preparation were.

t is likely that you have ever wondered, what is the way the food industry produces the products you consume every day. If this really causes you curiosity or concern, you can not stop seeing the following article as it is full of information about it; although perhaps after reading it you decide to stop eating some.

After looking at how these 7 foods are made, you probably do not want to eat them again

Then, we will describe in a clear way what is the process of preparing some foods that you consume hard, finding additionally some videos that will allow you to have a more precise idea of ​​those processes.

1. Preparation of sausages

The sausages are made from the remains of animals (waste), such as pig, cow and chicken. The parts used are the snout, the liver and the ears of the pig, the spleen of the lamb, the liver and the lips of the cow, the esophagus of the goat, the head and legs of the hen, among other parts. These parts are introduced in a mill and come out converted into a paste to which salt, dyes, polyphosphates, corn syrup and water with fluorine are added.

2. Production of jelly beans

The base of this gelatinous food is precisely the gelatin, which is elaborated in the following way: To obtain the gelatin collagen, the untanned skin of the cattle and the fresh debris of the head and bones are taken.

Then, the fat is removed and finely crushed to extract a product called ossein. This is mixed with lime and what results is sterilized and solidified.

3. Preparation of chicken nuggets

The nuggets are the result of shredding the parts that are normally discarded from the chicken such as the beak, crest and even the legs included; creating a dough that is later shaped into a croquette and then battered and consumed after frying.

4. Ice cream production

To make ice cream, an ingredient called castoreum is used, which is nothing else than the secretion of the anal glands of the beaver, which is odorous and oily and which the animal uses to groom its fur.

5. Production of beer

For the making of some beers, a substance called isinglass is commonly used; which is made from the bladder of fish like sturgeon.

6. Preparation of smarties

To color the smarties, an artificial substance called “Natural Red 004” is used, which is a chemical substance extracted from cochineal or other insects.

7. Production of jelly beans

To obtain the texture of these beans, lacquer is added which is an organic substance that is obtained from the resinous residue of the lacquer worm (Laccifer lacca).