Here Is How To Triple The Strength Of Your WiFi Signal With This Homemade Trick!

It is quite annoying to be connected to the wifi room and lose the signal. Many times when we connect and we are in the best part of something the Internet is gone.

I tell you that you are not the only person who goes through this and I also tell you that it has a solution, what’s more, you have two options, the first is to buy a repeater, the second is to put into practice the trick I’m going to teach you today.

What I am going to teach you, it will be much cheaper and it is very easy to do, for the internet to be stronger you must make something like a kind of antenna that can bounce the signal back to where it is weak.

Andrés Pérez, will teach us how to make this antenna in a homemade way, you will not spend a penny, it is with recycling material.


You feel that the internet is slow, you need to send something and the signal is gone, you get desperate and panic! Did you imagine everything or have you gone through such a situation? I’m sure it happened to you, you’re not the only one, this happens because the Wi-Fi signal does not reach the whole house with the same intensity.

With this trick that we will teach you, you will achieve that the signal reaches all corners of your house with the same intensity and do not have any inconvenience when you find yourself using the internet.

You will be able to download your videos or files where you are quickly and efficiently, do the test, you will not regret it.


You will need a can of soda to which you are going to remove the ring, completely eliminate the bottom part and the top part leaves about 5 cm.

Then cut it lengthwise to open it, insert the antenna of the router through the hole where the drink comes out and stick the can to the router with plasticine or paste so that it does not move.

It’s super simple, you do not need to be an IT or electricity expert, anyone can do it, I invite you to try, you’ll be happy to have tried.