Treat Diarrhea With Home Remedies Not Imodium

Unfortunately, everyone suffers from some type of diarrhea at some point in their lives. We all know that this can have a major impact on our daily activities and leave us with a sense of weakness, and sometimes even embarrassment. A greater understanding of the disease and knowing how to treat diarrhea can help decrease its impact on your life.

Causes of diarrhea

When you have diarrhea, the stools are very loose and watery and you can also experience abdominal pain and nausea. You may have to go to the bathroom more often during the day.

Diarrhea is caused because your digestive system is not working properly. Some of the reasons to experience an upset stomach are:

-Viral or bacterial infections
-Poisoned food
-Take antibiotics
-Anxiety and / or stress

Usually, an attack of diarrhea that has been caused by one or more of these symptoms and will only last a few days. However, sometimes diarrhea can last for several weeks and may be a sign of a more serious digestive disorder.

Chronic diarrhea is when a person has three or more loose stools per day.

The reasons for a chronic diarrhea can be:

-Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
-Intestinal Inflammatory Disease
-Intolerance to food
-Intestinal infections

If you suffer from chronic diarrhea, you should always consult your doctor, as it requires more professional management to relieve symptoms.

Let’s have a look at what you can do to treat diarrhea if it appears suddenly. There are many natural, home remedies to relieve the symptoms of diarrhea and get rid of it faster.

Methods to treat diarrhea:
It usually takes 2 to 4 days for the symptoms of diarrhea to disappear completely, depending on the intensity of the problem. But you can fight diarrhea with a variety of home and folk remedies that you probably have in your pantry.

1. Natural yogurt

The natural yogurt is a great help when it comes to problems with diarrhea , but not just any yogurt. You need to eat a live bacteria and usually the common yogurts lack them, that’s why natural yogurt is the most suitable, but you must be careful if you have lactose intolerance , because this remedy can be counterproductive.

These live bacteria help restore “good” bacteria in the intestine, producing lactic acid and thus, help destroy the “bad” bacteria that cause diarrhea. Two glasses of yogurt a day can produce quick relief. You can add or eat a banana with yogurt for more benefits.

2. Ginger

Ginger is used in the treatment of food poisoning, it can also help you get rid of the cramps and abdominal pain produced by diarrhea.

Grate a small piece of ginger and add a teaspoon of honey. Eat the mixture to improve the digestive process. Avoid drinking water immediately after eating.

Add a small piece of ginger in a cup of water. Boil the water for a few minutes, you can add some honey before drinking it. If you do not have how to get the fresh ginger, use the ginger powder anyway.

3. Brown rice to treat diarrhea

When you have diarrhea, the most effective solution to avoid or stop it, is to eat brown rice. Brown rice contains vitamins of group B, which help to control the different symptoms of it.

Boil half a cup of rice in three cups of water until smooth. Then add a banana and you can enjoy an exquisite and healthy brown rice.
The soft brown rice will help eliminate toxins from the body. The pectin present in the banana absorbs excess water and gives quick relief from diarrhea.

4. Bananas and foods that contain soluble fiber

Bananas have many health benefits, and they are another natural ingredient that can help get rid of diarrhea faster. This is because bananas contain pectin, a soluble fiber that is good for digestion.

Many people associate fiber with the manufacture of looser stools and help them move through the digestive system. However, Dr. David Goldstein, a gastroenterologist, says that soluble fiber absorbs excess fluid and can help harden stools.

Therefore, foods that contain soluble fiber can help stop diarrhea. Other foods that contain soluble fiber that can be good if you have diarrhea are:

-Citric fruits

5. Carrot

Carrot soup has been shown to have an antidiarrheal effect in childhood diarrhea, which is one of the most common diseases in infants and young children.

Prepare a carrot soup. Cook 500 g carrots under pressure with 150 ml of water for about 15 minutes. Once cooked, dilute the whole pulp with a liter of hot water, and add a little salt. Eat this fresh soup daily for a few days when you suffer from diarrhea.

It is important to remember to only eat small portions and simply “listen” to your body. You can also take it in the following ways to treat diarrhea:

Drink fresh carrot juice several times a day to replenish the vitamins and minerals lost by diarrhea . You can add a few drops of lemon juice and a little sugar or honey to sweeten the carrot juice to your liking.
You can also cook the carrot and then eat it cooked. To make the puree, mix the cooked carrots in the blender with a little water. Drink half a cup of puree several times a day.

6. Apple cider vinegar

Another effective cure for diarrhea is to use apple cider vinegar . It acts as an effective agent against the bacteria that cause diarrhea. It is also a rich source of pectin, which helps relieve stomach upset.

How to use it:

Add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. Drink the solution at each meal until the symptoms of diarrhea diminish.

7. Chamomile

The camomile has antispasmodic properties that can provide relief in many types of stomach disorders . It is also useful in the treatment of intestinal inflammation.

How to use it:

Make a chamomile tea with a teaspoon of chamomile flowers and a teaspoon of mint leaves in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. Strain and drink the tea at least three times a day.

You can also drink green tea to help your digestive system work properly.

Other foods that can help

You can also eat small amounts of other foods to help relieve these symptoms  . The US National Library of Medicine recommends eating small meals during the day instead of 3 large meals. Salty foods can help restore the essential salts the body needs and reduce dehydration.

Although it may seem strange, some also recommend eating products made from refined white flour (although whole-grain products are recommended in your regular diet). This is because insoluble fiber (whole grains) can cause loose stools to be eliminated. Therefore, white pasta, white rice and cereals can help. You can also eat vegetables, but you must remove the skins beforehand.