How To Remove Blood Stains If You Cut Yourself!

For many people, blood stains are a real nightmare, since they are one of the most complicated to eliminate from any type of tissue. In addition to pruning or cutting any product either in the kitchen or anywhere else we have a variable that is the state of the blade or knife with which we have cut. For this reason we must have special attention on how to clean the wound and how to clean the blood afterwards.

Wash clothes with blood stains as soon as possible

As we have just explained, whenever possible, it is essential that you treat your clothes and wash them as soon as possible. If the blood is fresh it is much easier to remove it from the clothes, while the drier it is, the more it will adhere to the fabric and make it difficult to return that garment to its original state. In this case, laziness can be a great enemy to save your white clothes.

Never use hot water
Another key aspect for blood to come out successfully is to use cold water to wash it. Although it may seem strange to the naked eye, the reality is that cold water should always be used to clean the blood of white clothes. Instead of eliminating it, the hot water causes the blood to fix even more on the fibers of the clothes, impregnating it and making it harder to remove it, which is why you should never use it. In addition, hot water can cause some garments to shrink, as could be the case with white cotton clothing.

Cure cut wound
To heal a wound , the first thing you should do is assess the degree of severity. It is important that you do it immediately, since there are minor injuries that you can easily clean and treat yourself at home, but there are others that may require stitches and the intervention of health personnel. Especially, medical assistance should be requested when:

-The wound does not stop bleeding despite exercising the proper pressure or if after cleaning, it starts to bleed again.
-If you can not do an adequate cleaning of the wound or inside there is an object.
-If it is a large and quite deep wound, which raises doubts about whether or not you need stitches.
-In case the wound has been produced as a result of the bite of an animal or human or a burn.
-If the wound could seriously affect areas such as the face, neck or genital area.
-If the wound smells bad or emits an unpleasant odor.

Deep and deep cut
In the case of bleeding, the main thing is to stop the bleeding by covering the wound with gauze or a clean tissue that does not loose fluff and exert a slight pressure to compress it. It is essential that you do not come into contact with the blood of the wound at any time, try only to stop the bleeding in this way until you see that the blood stops flowing.

Stain removers
Beyond homemade products, which can be useful and effective if we do not have anything else at hand, it is best to use stain removers , that is, products that have been specifically designed for this purpose.

In these cases, KH7 -stain remover is one of the best known brands to remove stains, in addition, they have a range of different products called “No Stains” that can be used depending on the needs we have at any time. Unlike the previous tricks, its application does not have any type of complication , because it is enough to spray it on the stain and wait 5 minutes to make its effect before washing it.