How To Plant Rosemary And Have It All The Time At Home!

The rosemary is an aromatic herb that has many beneficial properties .

It is widely used in the kitchen to provide aroma and flavor to numerous stews, as well as being used as an insect repellent or as a flavoring for cabinets and drawers.

This aromatic plant can be easily planted at home , either in pots or as a shrub in the garden. It needs very little care and adapts to all types of climates, although it prefers the warmest and driest ones.

Steps to follow:

1.Take cuttings of rosemary about 8 centimeters, which is recommended to cut at the beginning of summer. In case you do not have a plant from which to take rosemary stems, you can also plant rosemary seeds ; then, it will be better to do it in the spring.

2.Fill a pot or pot with substrate for plants , trying to make it a rather stony or calcareous soil, since rosemary adapts very well to any soil but does not tolerate too well the clays that accumulate water.

3.Also, it will be very important is that you have a good drainage system to prevent water from getting flooded. And is that rosemary is a plant with a dry climate and, therefore, does not require too much water to grow properly.

4.Place the pot in a place where it receives plenty of sunlight for the most hours every day. You can place the pots on the terrace, a window, etc. to make sure you get the sun; You can also plant  as a shrub in the garden, since this aromatic plant adapts to all conditions. You should plant it in an area where the sun is sunny most of the day.

5.As for the  irrigation , you should not add water too often, since it prefers dry land because it is a shrub typical of warm and arid climates. Make sure you never get puddled because the roots would rot and your plant would wither.

6.We can collect stems and leaves to cook or give any other use, throughout the year once the plant has grown enough.