Here’s How To Grow Your Own Lemon Tree At Home

Lemons are among the healthiest foods we eat and that’s a well-known fact. The citrus fruit is full of beneficial compounds that can keep your health in check and reinforce your immune system as well.

Lemons have a great aroma and flavor, but most of those that we buy in the market are not organic. In order to get the most out of lemons, they must be organic.

If you can’t find a local farmer who produces his lemons organically, you can grow your own lemon tree at home for a steady supply of the citrus fruit. It’s not difficult and won’t require any special equipment, so why not do it? Besides the endless supply of lemons, the trees have their own benefits as well. They look great with the glossy green leaves and bright colored fruit and can also eliminate chemicals from the air.

Here’s what you need to do:

Get an organic lemon as well as natural compost and some fertilizer. Buy a pot as well – it should be 24 inches wide and 12 inches deep. Finally, make sure you have a windowsill or similar spot with a lot of sunlight.

Put the soil in a pot and spray a bit of water just enough for it to be damp, but not soaked. Now, cut the lemon and take one seed out, then suck it to remove all the remaining pulp. Don’t let it dry – the seed needs to be damp. Now, bury it in the middle of the soil about half an inch in, then lightly spray the soil with some water. Cover the pot with plastic wrap and seal it with a rubber band, then poke small holes on the top with a toothpick. Put the pot in a sunny location and don’t let the soil dry out.

The seed needs 8 hours of more sunlight during the day. Put a bit of compost regularly to feed it, and watch out for any bugs and diseases. As it grows, prune the dead leaves off the plant, and protect the tree with pesticides if need be. Once the plant outgrows the pot, replant it in a bigger one. Keep in mind that young plants need regular watering, while the older ones need less. Keep your tree healthy and it will soon produce bright yellow fruits. Pick them when ripe and enjoy your organic lemons!

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