Preparation is the key during and after birth. We recommend that you attend prenatal courses first. There they will give you a lot of information that will help you have a better pregnancy and upbringing. If you love making lists, do them! They will help you to have an order in everything.

It does not need to be a big list, but one with the necessary. But if you have no idea where to start, we bring you 11 things you should know before giving birth. These may seem out of the ordinary but it is important that you do not forget it or they will take you by surprise. It is best to be prepared, is not it?

Some things you should know before the baby arrives

1. When the baby comes out, the delivery will not be over: after delivery, the placenta will be released, so you will have to push a little more, do not worry, this will not bring you any pain.

2. Do not worry if your baby does not arrive on the day it should: it has been proven that the delivery dates are overvalued. Only 5% of pregnant women give birth on their day. Therefore, you do not have to worry about if several days pass after this date, act calmly and wait. This is one of the things you should know to avoid having a nervous breakdown. Neither should you be completely unconcerned, keep in touch with your doctor so that everything goes perfectly.

3. The epidural will not take away the pain completely: really, this injection is designed so you can control the pain but not to eliminate it. This is placed directly in the spinal cord which will numb the lower part of the body. You must inform yourself very well about this method because it is not always the best option, it can leave you with sequels and your baby can be born drowsy. Consult other treatments with your doctor, the epidural does not always work.

4. If you choose not to apply the epidural you must be strong: it will sound contradictory, but, although the epidural can be risky, you will not be able to eat or drink anything if you do not use it. On an empty stomach, childbirth will be more difficult. If you do not want to use the epidural, make sure you eat something before going to the hospital when the contractions are not so strong yet. That way you will have all the energy you need available within your organism.

5. Your body will be given a series of very painful massages: one of the things you should know is that, in natural births, the doctor makes sure to stop the bleeding. That is why, in your stay in the hospital, you will be given several very painful massages in the area of the uterus just to be sure that it shrinks and returns to its normal size, which will stop the bleeding.

6. After delivery, you should get used to using a girdle: even when the bleeding stops, the bleeding can last up to six months. You should use mesh underwear and even adult diapers or clinical towels. You choose what makes you feel more comfortable.

7. A piece of umbilical cord will be attached to the baby: after birth, the umbilical cord will be tied but it will be several days or weeks before it dries and falls. It will be an unpleasant moment, but you can not loosen it or pull it or cause pain. So you can let time do its due work regarding this particular.

8. Your body can be “discharged” in full labor: do not feel ashamed if it happened to you or feel afraid of it happening to you. Defecating during labor is completely normal and can happen to anyone.

9. Your baby may appear to be covered with a whitish substance: it happens to little ones who leave before 40 weeks. It is covered is known as vernix caseosa and is responsible for protecting the skin of your baby during the pregnancy process.

10. Babies can be born something hairy: some babies are born with small dark hairs on their arms, shoulders and even on the backside. Nor should it be a concern, they will disappear over time.

11. Your baby has a flexible head: when babies are born naturally, the shape of their head changes. This is because, when passing through the vagina, the bones of the baby’s head should shrink. To recover its round shape it will take a while so you can observe it with a cone-shaped head for several days. Be very careful with this, if you do not take appropriate measures, you may suffer from the flat head syndrome.

As a woman, you have the heaviest work. From being the incubator to keeping it alive for the first six months with just your milk. It is a very strong and at times painful work but it is part of a very natural process. We assure you that being a mom is the best thing that can happen to you and if you prepare yourself from the moment you find out or even from much earlier, the results will be better.

This new stage that is presented to you comes with too many new features. Did you know that when you get pregnant your body stops providing nutrients to you to give to the baby? Therefore, all these pills, supplements and the diet you must consume are to take care of you. Your baby will be healthy as long as you stay healthy.

There are many things you should know before giving birth. Do not forget that this is an appetizer of a completely new world. Activate your curiosity about the subject because a little knowledge never hurts and will help you to be more prepared.

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