Here Is The Right Way To Remove Stains From Your Clothes With This Natural Solution!

I like white clothes! If you love white clothes, it is good to know that keeping it as white as when we bought it is almost inadmissible and that all the time we are looking for what shape and with what product to wash the linen so that it is impeccable as the first day.

Because white clothes usually like it looks and everyone loves it. Not only does it repel the sun’s rays and it’s always a cool piece to use on hot days, but white combines with everything you want to put on.

At the time of wanting to be well dressed the white has no contender. It is elegant, it is fresh and it is undoubtedly something that we all want to use: A white garment. But as we said at the beginning, the main drawback with white clothes is that with the use and time no matter how much we take care of it, it begins to take on a chalk or ivory color that is quickly noticeable.


point out these natural strategies that we have collected by asking and consulting our grandmothers that of these things they always know a lot. All you need are a few inexpensive and easy to find ingredients.


The juice of lemon has the particularity of whitening the clothes and eliminating yellow spots that are leaving the sweat and the use of physical deodorants. Collect the following ingredients: 2 liters of water. Juice of two lemons. 125 g of salt. Neutral soap, quantity needed.

Preparation: In a container that fits the clothes that you are going to bleach, place the water that previously your ticket that you have desired plus the juice of the lemons, salt and soap. Mix well. Place the garments in such a way that the water covers them completely and lets this solution work for about an hour. Remove garments, rinse with exuberant water and dry in direct sunlight.


Baking soda can also work miracles for your white clothes. You will only need these simple ingredients: 3 teaspoons of baking soda. 2 liters of water. Soap powder, mandatory amount.

Preparation: Perform the same previous mode by mixing the ingredients and covering the garments with this preparation. Leave on for 20 minutes and then rinse normally.


This is another old trick used by our grandmothers, since vinegar is ideal for removing stains and eliminating odors. In this matter we will use it as a laundry bleach. The only ingredient is vinegar. You will only need the amount needed to cover the stain to be eliminated.

Preparation: Place the vinegar in the soiled garment and let it act for 15 minutes. Rinse with plenty of water or wash normally, since the vinegar has a pungent odor that needs to be removed.


This is a very powerful and strong enough mixture that not all fabrics resist. If it is a delicate garment, it is preferable to reject this method, but if it is a hard cloth that you think can withstand the use of ammonia, then it is a good option.

Proceed as follows, with these components: 1 liter of water. 5 drops of ammonia. 100 ml of hydrogen peroxide. Preparation: Place in a container all the ingredients and mix well. Add the garment you want to bleach and let exercise for half an hour. Finally, rinse regularly and dry in the sun.


The last ingredient that we could suppose to clean the clothes, is ideal to remove stains of percudido. Use a mandatory amount of milk to cover the stain. Preparation: Place the garment to be cleaned in a container and add as much cold milk as necessary to cover it. Leave it at rest for 1 hour and then wash normally. Incredible change!