Miraculous Hair Softener With Magic Results That Will Leave You Amazed!

The hair softener is an essential product in your bathroom, but you did not know that you can also use it for all these things and save a lot of money on products?

Here we tell you what are the secret tricks of the grandmother !!! You probably do not know that it also has other uses:

Shoe care

The white lines that appear on the shoes because of snow or salt in winter are a can. Try pre-applying a little hair conditioner on the leather, and it will not appear again.

Shrunken clothing

Did you wash your favorite woolen sweater in hot water by mistake and it has become tiny to you? Put it in a bucket full of water and add a spoonful of conditioner. When the sweater is well soaked, stretch it gently. Unfortunately, this trick does not always work.


Those delicate items that can only be washed by hand will love that you treat them with a little hair conditioner. Make sure you use water at room temperature and rinse clothes thoroughly before laying them to dry.

Stuck rings

If this happens to you, it can hurt a lot. Try pouring some conditioner on the outside of your finger and twisting the ring back and forth until it loosens.

Makeup remover

If you do not have anything better by hand, the hair conditioner is a great make-up remover. Apply a little on a cotton or wipe and gently remove with water.

Clean makeup brushes

Many forget to clean makeup brushes regularly. The hair conditioner is perfect to do it.


Forget the squeaky doors with a little conditioner. Also, it smells much better than the normal degreaser.


If your cuticles are out of control, you can soften it with conditioner before you start them. This will make the task much easier.

Shaving gel

If you can not find the gel to shave, the conditioner is a good substitute. Your legs will give off a wonderful smell.

Static electricity in the hair

If the hair is very electrified, rub your hands with a little conditioner and pass them through your hair. This technique can also help you fight frizzy hair when there is moisture.

Tangled hair

If it seems that your hair has left nests, mix conditioner (1 part) and water (9 parts) in a spray bottle and gently massage your scalp.

Air freshener

The above mix also provides a wonderful fragrance to your fabrics, curtains and furniture.

Clogged pipes

Unclog your pipes by pouring some hair conditioner and hot water. It works as a lubricant and will end the jam.

Fragrant wash

If you do not have any wipes for the dryer, use a pinch of hair conditioner instead.

Against rust

If you polish your tools with conditioner, you will prevent them from rusting.

Skin care

If you do some conditioner in the bathtub, it will do the work of bath oil. Your skin will be hydrated and soft.


The conditioner is used to polish metal surfaces, such as refrigerators, ornaments, etc. Do not forget to wipe the surface with a clean cloth afterwards.

Remove strips

So you do not suffer tearing strips, spread a little conditioner on the edges and these will be more loose, ready to go.

Stuck zippers

When a zipper gets stuck, a little bit of conditioner can be very useful. A real lifesaver for those zippers that you can not close.

Get silky hair and solve day to day problems. Maybe it’s time to start buying more conditioner.

Source: healthandloveplanet.com