Fitness blogger and mother of 3 Olga Baykina recently shared simple exercises that will help you burn calories and spend some time with your family as well. Here’s what you need to do every day:


Stand upright with the baby in your hands, then go back down in a squat and keep the knees over your ankles. Go back up, then repeat as many squats as you can.

Forward lunge

Stand upright with your baby in your hands and close to your chest, then extend one of your legs backwards while taking a big step forward with the other – it should form a 90-degree angle. Switch legs and continue with the exercise.

Side lunge

Hold the baby on the stomach in your hands, then take a step with one of your legs to one the side until the knee is straight. Repeat on the other side as well.


Hold your baby in your hands close to the chest, then bend both knees in a 90-degree angle and go down. Hold for a couple of minutes, then go back up and repeat.

Hip bridge

Lie on your back on the floor and hold the baby on the stomach with your hands above your head – if you can, let it sit on your hips and support it with your hands. Now, lift the hips up, hold for a few seconds, then repeat.

Reverse curls

Lie on back on the floor and lift your legs up with bent knees, then let the baby sit on your shins and hold it with your hands. Now, bring the knees to your chest slowly, kiss the baby on the forehead and repeat the movement again.


Lay your baby on the floor beside you, then go down on your forearms and toes. Keep the elbows under your shoulders and form a straight line with your body.

Try to do these exercises every day. They will allow to spend fun time with your baby while helping you shed the excess pounds off your body.

Source: alternativehealthuniverse.com