Microwaves has been used for many years. From the moment of their invention, they have become part of every kitchen because they are very easy for use and heat the food very fast. They use high-powered radio waves in order to cook and heat the food. But, the main problem is the radiation which changes the structure of the food and produces free radicals. They can lead to many serious diseases and even cancer. They are source of an electromagnetic energy and lead to birth defects. The FDA has approved them but many studies show completely the opposite and if you want to protect yourself and your health you should definitely avoid them.

There are many studies that prove the harmful effects of the microwave. But the modern way of life makes us use it a lot because it is fast and easy. So, today we are going to tell you the reasons why you shouldn’t use the microwave so often.

Some researchers also proved that it reduces the number of nutrients especially those who protect the heart. They can even alter the toxicity of the food.


  • A breakdown of the “life-energy field” in those which are exposed to microwaves during an operation and then with side-effects to the human energy field of longer duration.
  • A degeneration in the cellular voltage parallels while using an apparatus, in the lymphatic and blood areas.
  • Destabilization and degeneration of the internal cellular membrane potential during the transfer of catabolic processes into the serum of the blood from the process of digestion.
  • A breakdown in the nerve of the electrical circuits and losing energy.
  • Losing the balance of the bioelectric strength in the ARAS.
  • An animal or plant that has been exposed to radiation in 500-m. radius showed long-term lack of vital energies.
  • Magnetic deposits in the lymphatic and nervous system.
  • Hormonal imbalance in men and women.
  • High levels of disturbance in the brainwaves and in the wave signal pattern.
  • Negative effects on the psychological functions such as insomnia, inability to concentrate, etc.

Source: theorganicdream.com