Here Are 17 Interesting Used Tea Bag Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier!

Herbal teas are a great way of reducing stress and calming your nerves down. Some people prefer tea over coffee, and they’re right to do so. Studies have confirmed that many herbal blends can help you handle stress better, and work better than pills. Some teas can help you in cases of colds and the flu, while others can help you sleep better, but all of them can improve your overall health.

When we make tea, we usually throw away the used bags, which is a big mistake. The bags can apparently be used in a variety of ways which will make your life easier.

Here are 17 interesting tea bag tricks:

Keep your hands fresh

Onions, fish, garlic and some herbs can make your hands smell unpleasant after preparing a meal, but you know what could help? Tea bags. Rub a used tea bag on your hands to remove the odor and keep them smelling fresh.

Use them as compost

If you want to improve the quality of your garden soil and keep insects away, you only need to use tea bags. Eliminate the staples from a tea bag and throw them in the compost pile in order to give your soil a nice boost.

A great mouthwash

Run out of mouthwash? Don’t worry – just soak a tea bag in water and use it instead of the commercial product to make your breath smell great.

Treat infections

In order to eliminate canker sores, eye infections or other types of infections, you only need to apply a warm used tea bag on the spot.

Eliminate odors

Used tea bags are the perfect way to eliminate any unwanted odor coming from your fridge, shoes, trashcan or rugs. Just put some in the fridge, or rub them on the carpet to eliminate the odor. A used tea bag in the trashcan will eliminate the nasty odor coming from it as well.

Soothes razor burns

Sprinkle a bit of warm water on a used tea bag and apply it on your face after shaving to eliminate the razor burns.

A great hair rinse

Make a weak tea and use the liquid to rinse your hair after washing with shampoo to improve the quality of your hair.

Homemade air freshener

Tie a tea bag in your car to make it smell great. You can also moisten it with a few drops of your favorite essential oil for even better results.

Eliminate the grease on your dishes

Rubbing your dishes with used tea bag will prevent grease from sticking on them and making a mess.

Clean your bathtub

To clean your bathtub nicely, put a few tea bags in it and turn the warm water on. Leave the tea bags in until the water cools down in order to clean your tub and make it smell great.

Prevent mice from coming into your home

To keep mice, spiders and ants at bay, all you need to do is put a few mint tea bags by the door and windows of your home.

Anti-inflammatory and relaxing agents

Most herbal tea bags have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can relax your muscles as well. They can help in cases of toothache, sunburns, bug bites, bruises, blisters or tired eyes. The method is the same – moisten a few used tea bags and apply them on the affected area.

Keep your plants healthy

To keep your plants healthy and improve their growth, all you need to do is put a few used tea bags at the bottom of the pot.

Treat warts

Having problems with warts? Don’t worry, there’s an easy solution. Moisten a used tea bag with some warm water and keep it on the warts for half an hour to get rid of them quickly.

Natural hair dye

Steeped used tea bags can help you get orange, green and brown highlights on your hair. The same bags can be used to dye cloths, cards, crafts, gift paper, etc. They are non-toxic and not harmful for your children or pets.

Add some flavor to your meals

Boil an old tea bag in a pot of water, then boil your rice, quinoa or pasta in the liquid for a nicer flavor.

Eliminates poison ivy rashes

Apply a used tea bag on the rashes to soothe the irritation and soothe your skin.

When using old tea bags, you must make sure to store them properly. After you’ve used them, leave them at room temperature for a full day and keep them in the fridge afterwards.