LemoLemon And Garlic – The Best Combination Against Cholesteroln And Garlic – The Best Combination Against Cholesterol

When lemon and garlic come together, they are believed to have magical effects for our healthy. They have been associated with the cleansing of the blood vessels. Besides, they have been known to reduce blood cholesterol and improve the strength of the blood vessel walls. The natural combo is also great for preventing the development of diseases like atherosclerosis.

Cleaner Blood Vessels Mean Lesser Toxins!

The cleaning effect of lemon and garlic means your blood will have reduced levels of toxins. The natural remedy also improves the elastic form of the blood vessel walls. And most of the layers of cholesterol are also flushed off.

Conventionally, blood vessel cleansing has been followed in a number of ways. People used to rely on drugs, use laser blood cleansing or use a process known as plasmapheresis. But there have been side effects to these methods.

You should be using these techniques only when you have no other natural solution. These natural ingredients can cleanse your blood vessels off the harmful cholesterol much more safely. But make sure to use the right method.

Your Homemade Recipe

You can cleanse your blood vessels, reduce cholesterol, prevent development of atherosclerosis and build stronger blood vessel walls with this lemon and garlic recipe. The Russians have been using the mixture of both the natural ingredients for hundreds of years in folk medicine.

There are some additional positives to this tincture too. it helps eliminate the risk of developing cancerous cells, which has been supported by medical research. The high amounts of antioxidants in garlic help in improving cell restoration and reconstruction.


You will need the following ingredients to prepare your cholesterol cleansing, lemon-garlic recipe:

-Garlic cloves: 4
-Lemons: 4 (with peel)
-Water: 3 L (boiling)

How to Prepare?

-Chop the cloves and make sure to wash them.
-Add the water onto the lemons and slice them into small pieces.
-Mix together and use a meat-grinder to grind it.
-Take a 3-liter glass jar and add the final mixture into it.
-Pour all the water to fill it up.
-Leave it in the fridge for 72 hours. Remove, strain and again keep in the fridge.

How to Take your Natural Recipe?

Start with just 1 or 2 tablespoons every time before the meals. But gradually you can increase the dosage to a max of 50 ml.

Follow the routine for up to 40 days and repeat once every year. Make sure to consult your doctor every time you want to repeat the process.

Let it be known that every time you take this drink, your lipid composition and blood circulation increase. But it will regulate the blood pressure and improve blood circulation in your brain. Best of all, faster weight loss is achieved as an additional benefit from this natural cleansing method.

Source: healthyfoodadvice.net