Homemade Syrup To Go Soft To The Bathroom Every Day and Throw Away All The Poop Without any Effort

If you suffer from constipation, you are not the only one, this disease is suffered by almost the entire population, and the most common symptom is to spend up to 4 days without wanting to go to the bathroom, but do not believe this is a big health problem.

The difficulty to expel poop, can cause severe abdominal pain, feeling of heaviness and fat accumulation.

Bad breath is also a consequence of this disease, now I’m going to teach you how to prepare this syrup that will help you expel poop softly and effortlessly, you will feel relieved once you have thrown all those toxins out of your body.

This syrup contributes to the stimulation of bowel movement, which helps to soften the poop and come out easily.

It is a combination of prunes with lemon, these two ingredients are rich in fiber and are also anti-inflammatory, continue reading and learn more.

Benefits of consuming plum syrup

Prune syrup has the following benefits:

-It reduces bad cholesterol and calms anxiety.

-It benefits the intestinal flora since it feeds the healthy bacteria.

-It provides energy due to the natural sugars it has.

-It has essential minerals that eliminate fluid retention and inflammation.

-Because of the amount of fiber it contains, it facilitates the expulsion of stool.


-10 plums

-100 ml of water

-1 lemon

-1 bottle with lid


Blend everything for 2 or 3 minutes, you will get a creamy and thick mixture that you will keep in the refrigerator.

You will consume it in the following way:

If the constipation is punctual, consume 3 tablespoons in the mornings, 3 at noon and 2 in the afternoon, in case it is chronic, try to consume one more spoon in each shot until you reestablish the operation.

And if what you want is to prevent it takes 2 or 3 tablespoons a day, you will have results in a short time.

Consume this syrup and improve your eating habits, avoid the consumption of:

Refined flour, sugars, fried and canned, high consumption of sodium and sausages.

Eat a lot of water and eat lots of fiber, this way you will be helping your intestine to have a better functioning, if this syrup does not work for you, do not hesitate to call or visit the doctor it may be something else.

Only in extreme cases does this syrup have no effect, so I recommend you to be aware that it is not an obstruction of another type.

Source: wikihow.com