After all those warnings about the fallout from the Fukushima disaster that has greatly affected the Pacific Ocean life, the scientists have finally found an actual proof of it.

Among the many damages, the catastrophic nuclear disaster has also destroyed the sea life in the Pacific Ocean and as a result, it is still full of radioactive waste (iodine, cesium, strontium-89 and 90), even years after the disaster.

This disaster has affected so many aspects and the consequences of it are still felt and will go on for years to come. This disaster is thought to be twenty to thirty times worse than the fallout of the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima because of the huge amount of radioactive poisoning.

There has been a great number of warnings about fish mutations by local fishermen for years now, but everyone ignored them. The worst part of it is that many fish with mutations have been found thousands of miles away from Japan in some American coasts.

Nevertheless, the authorities have negated everything and have claimed that the disaster had minimal effects on the sea life and that there is no reason to panic.

According to the authorities, the dumping of nuclear waste in the ocean is a small risk with minimal effects, but if you ask the local people in Fukushima, you will definitely hear another version of the story.

The Fukushima disaster does have adverse effects which have been brushed off for years and the truth about it needs to see the light of the day.

Check the video below:

Source: non-stophealthy.com