7 Rules That The Strong People Follow

For the creation and strengthening of nervous forces, it is necessary to know the following. These are the 7 rules that the strong people follow:

1. Do not run away from fear.

Analyze it and experience it only as a physical feeling. The fear, to whom we are afraid to look it in the eye, can kill us.

Analyze your fears.

Think of them as a movie you watched on TV. What you see on the screen does not exist in reality. Fear will come and go the same way as the movie on the screen unless you keep it with all your might.

2. Do not live in the past.

Remember it’s never too late to start all over again. However, in order to start changing, it is necessary to get rid of everything that has smashed. You do not have to live with the burden of past losses and failures. It’s all gone. Live it today. Build your life with new beginnings, releasing yourself from the negative forever: let it be a part of the past.

3. You lose your self-pitying power.

Realize that this is an unnecessary waste of energy.
Self-pity, insults, make you turn in a circle, returning again and again to the same bitter thoughts. For years, a repressed feeling of annoyance can lead to cancer. It’s stupid to punish yourself now if someone offends you in the past.

Release the past by forgiving. Simplification is a separation. Separation from bitterness, insults, and pain, with the whole situation. While the state of unforgiving means the beginning of destructive things in us for years, the accumulated negative thoughts eventually turn against its host.

4. Do not repeat constantly negative thoughts.

Think and talk only about what is good in your life. Point your thoughts in a positive direction.

5. Plan for every day as many activities as possible that can give you pleasure.

Separate time for a theater or reading a book. Visit the birthdays of friends or relatives, visit anniversaries, exhibitions and other entertainment programs.

6. Help other people and feel how easy it is for you.

7. No matter how you feel, hold your head upright and act like a successful person.

If you are really armed with the will and aspiration to overcome your misery – believe that you will not wait long for success.

Source: dadsroundtable.com