Fight Insomnia With Citrus Juice And Celery Juice

Insomnia is the everyday worry and torture of many people. Therefore, the demand for sooting agents and sleeping pills is increasing every day. Which in any case are a drug and cause addiction. Every sleeping drug leads to addiction, regardless of what ads claim the opposite. If addiction is not physical, then it is mental. Insomnia should be associated with poor quality diet. The tired condition of the body affects the nervous system, therefore such a person is unable to sleep normally and it lasts as long as this condition exists.

Many who are dependent on sleeping pills have come to the conclusion that a glass of citrus juice before going to bed. And sometimes clumping the lower part of the colon provides sleep without the use of sleeping pills. Others have noticed that a glass of celery juice or a fresh vegetable salad gives the same result. It is best to change the diet, to discard the concentrated, sweetened and starchy foods.