How To Use Argan Oil Every Day!

Argan oil helps with ingrown hair, restores hair shine, and also fights against skin aging.

This amazing oil is great for hair and skin because of its rich ingredients.

It contains antioxidants that fight against the aging but also has moisturizing omega fatty acids.

However, we believe that you did not know that this natural oil is also good for dealing with acne and pimples problems.

In addition, it helps after-shaving sensation.

At the same time, this is a skin-protective UV shielding product.

Today, we will explain in detail everything you need to know about this “liquid gold” and how you can use it.

What is Argan Oil?

This oil comes from kernels of Argania Spinosa – argan tree.

This tree grows only in the southwest of Morocco.

Women living in these areas make the oil manually.

They are breaking the kernels between the two stones and are extracting and crushing the crude core, which can last for several hours.

This is a centuries-old technique and takes three days for a woman to make 1 liter of this amazing natural oil oils.

Benefits of Argan oil

This oil is rich in numerous ingredients:

– Antioxidants

– Vitamin E

– Essential omega fatty acids

Therefore, it is excellent for hydration, skincare and also hair care.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help control oily skin, making it an ideal preparation for people with that type of skin.

How to use Argan oil?

Ingrown hair

Put a few drops of this oil on the skin that is affected by this problem.

Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness and swelling.

At the same time, vitamin E accelerates treatment processes and reduces the risk of wrinkles.

Anti-Age skincare

You can use this natural oil as the ultimate step in your morning and evening routine.

It’s light enough for the day but has also extra health properties for the night.

It gives a youthful glow to your skin.

All antioxidants from the oil protect the skin from free radicals and UV radiation that make skin older.

For shiny hair

Add two to three drops of oil on your palms and rub them.

Then, move with your fingers through your hair from the middle to the ends to add shine and reduce the electrifying.

The oil will close the cuticles, which gives the hair a new life.

Just make sure you do not apply it to the root because you will make your hair oily.

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