Generate Endorphin: 20 Ways To Relax In 5 Minutes Or Less

We know: you are busy. Your inbox is saturated, you make the travel race from school to karate, to piano, to soccer, to kitchens and clean and you just never seem to have enough time to catch up. How can you even think of relaxing when you barely have space on the agenda to think more?

Read each and every one of the following 40 ways to relax very accessible to all who suddenly look for a way to do it fast and generate endorphin at the moment.

You will see that some or some of them will end up making them your indispensable tool every day.

1. Plan a vacation
It is not necessary that you have a fixed date for it, but plan it as if you had it. You may not be able to relax on the beach today, but getting ready to do so calms your mind and lifts your spirits.

2. Chat with a friend
The growing evidence shows that people who are more communicative are happier than those who are not. Find a friend to give you five minutes of quality time and make sure you return the favor at another time.

3. Laugh
It is often said that laughter is the best medicine and, in the case of helping to relax or reduce stress, is actually completely true. Find a funny YouTube video, make a silly joke to a friend, whatever it is that helps you! You will be more relaxed in moments that you need it.

4. Snuggle with your pet
When it comes to hugging to relax and reduce tension, animals are the champions for that. If you have not tried, you should, you will see that you wonder why you had been missing all this time.

5. Inhale the aroma of coffee
As a great sense of balance and a subtle “huéleme”, the aroma of a cup will calm your stiff nerves. No sip is required.

6. Get a smell of citrus
With just smelling aromas of orange, lemon or grapefruit you can calm your exhausted brain.

7. Have you tried aromatherapy?
This practice of relieving stress by inhaling the aromas of different essential oils is highly promoted by its practitioners, as different scents affect different emotional triggers in the brain.

8. Stop and smell the flowers
Really, it’s hard to stay with stress and stress when your nose is full of sweet floral aromas. Keeping a jar or vase with your favorite flowers near your workspace can brighten your days and help you manage stress.

9. Complete a crossword puzzle
Brain games distract us from what we are complaining and stressing, moving our minds away from these thoughts.

10. Get up and dance!
Move your body + listen to the music you love = a boost of endorphins to eliminate stress and a mental break from complaints.

11. Listen to your favorite song
This makes the wellness hormones come out and make you feel good by eliminating stress in just a few minutes.

12. Write it down
Simply putting our thoughts on paper is usually enough to alleviate the anxiety and stress they are causing.

13. Take a quick walk
It does not have to be long, just enough to get you away from the place where all your stress is contained.

14. Run or do medium to high cardio for a few minutes
It will make your blood pump and your heart rate rise, in addition to increasing those levels of endorphins that eliminate stress.

15. Take a few minutes to stretch
Even while sitting at your desk, you can still do some chest-opening stretches and other tools to help relieve stress and relax the body.

16. Practice an asana or two
A regular practice of yoga works wonders to alleviate daily stress and anxiety, but if you do not have time, moving gently to an asana or two that you enjoy, can help you stay tuned to your body and your needs.

17. Get organized
Piles of papers and mail, office supplies everywhere, overflowing inbox, all contribute to stress at work. Take a few minutes to organize your work space and make it more conducive to productivity.

18. Go to the window
When you need a few minutes, do not start playing with your smartphone. Go to a window and look outside. Observe the world in silence and with curiosity. How would the outside air feel on your skin right now? Is it hot or cold, dry or wet? You will be surprised by the most efficient way in which nature removes stress from you with a screen.

19. Light therapy for depression
Use it to help with your daily stress by relaxing in the sun’s rays for a few minutes every day. Can not you find the sun? Use a high intensity lamp that helps in the production of vitamin D.

20. Create an area to be away from everything
Although some may find it strange, some use the bathroom as one of the ways to relax . You can relax there for a few minutes to clear your mind of the stressors.