These Are The 7 Fundamental Vitamins That Every Woman Should Consume After 40 Years of Age

The human body is degenerating as the years pass and it is our duty to take care of it as much as possible. The ideal is that we have a balanced diet and free of fats, sugars or chemicals that can harm the degree of our health, as well as being away from vices and exercise on a daily basis. Women, for example, are the most careful, especially after age 40, because it is a sensitive age in which natural hormonal changes are generated and it is imperative that they consume certain fundamental vitamins that are essential.

We must take into account that beauty and health go hand in hand, it is not only a matter of aesthetics and personal care, it is that if we take care of our health, it pays us back with a good physical appearance. Starting to take care of ourselves now can make a noticeable difference in both women and men and that is why the following nutrients should be consumed.

The best 7 Fundamental vitamins you should take

Probiotics to have healthy intestines

Although these are not vitamins or are part of the group of minerals, it is a nutrient that all women should consume at an early age, the main reason is because they keep the intestines in good condition, but they are also responsible for combating cancer of colon and encourage weight loss in men and women.

Omega 3 for good skin health

This fatty acid is highly recommended when losing weight, but it is also necessary to consume it to keep the skin moisturized , without free radicals that cause the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, acne and warts and finally, avoid or slow down aging, as encourages the production of collagen .

Magnesium to keep the values ​​in the margin

With this mineral you can end the retention of fluid that causes inflammation throughout the body, also regulates blood pressure and improves heart health . One of the characteristics of magnesium is that it can help absorb the other nutrients we consume and digest food.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is responsible for regulating the levels of sugar in our blood , but also helps prevent breast cancer and absorb the calcium our bones need to stay strong.


As we progress in age, we can lose many minerals or absorption of them becomes too difficult, for this it is necessary to take supplements and increase the consumption of foods rich in minerals such as calcium to avoid bone problems in the future.

B12 vitamin

Improves blood circulation , stimulates the brain glands and prevents diseases related to the nervous and cognitive system, improves the health of muscles and joints, so it is imperative that Vitamin B12 is consumed from now on.