Rapeseed Oil Is The Worst! It Is Massively Used And Can Cause Terrible Illnesses!

Rapeseed oil has long become regular on shelves of healthy food, largely due to its popularity that has been going on for almost two decades.

This oil remains very attractive for consumers and is also still the most popular oil for cooking in the restaurant industry.

People know this oil for its benefits such as reducing the waist, a healthy heart, and a cleaner environment.

However, many people do not know that rapeseed oil is actually harmful to health.

Plant rapeseed – canola is an industrial plant.

What you need to know about rapeseed oil

Companies are using a hybrid version of rapeseed for oil production.

This hybrid version passes through various chemical processes before it becomes popular oil.

Rapeseed oil was sometimes popular for its industrial use, but its consumption was associated with various health problems.

In addition, the Canola plant was one of the first genetically modified ingredients.

This means that they expose the plant rapeseed to enormous amounts of pesticides.

Accordingly, in this article, we will give you several reasons why rapeseed oil can be problematic.

Doubtful production

This oil goes through an extensive manufacturing process that is involving chemicals.

Rapeseed is put under the pressure to remove the oil.

Then they add sodium hydroxide to the oil to remove impurities.

After that, they wash and put through filter oil before it passes all the cleaning process to remove the odor.

The vegetable oils and this oil also go through the process of cleaning and processing.

All of that processes include chemicals of suspicious safety or high temperatures.

Since this oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, it easily becomes rancid and unpleasant smell when subjected to oxygen and also high temperatures.

In addition, it must be deodorized.

The standard deodorization process removes a large portion of omega-3 fatty acids by converting them into trans-fatty acids.

Chemical contamination

Because of its extensive chemical processes, rapeseed oil can be contaminated by a hexane.

That is toxic byproduct when refining gasoline, health professionals from the University of Berkeley warned.

Accelerated rancidity

This oil became rancid very fast.

When consumed, rancid oil can cause negative effects on general health.

Rancidity often indicates oxidation.

Do you know what will happen when you expose apple on the air?

Oxidation is the process that turns an apple into brown color.

In addition, your apple will spoil and become unhealthy.

If you consume vegetable oils that in process production passed through oxidation, you expose you healthy tissues to substances that will damage them.

Rancidity or oxidation is not only a major contributor to most degenerative diseases.

They can also cause inflammation.

Excessive inflammation in the body can cause everything: from arthritis to serious illnesses such as:

– Parkinson’s disease

– Bipolar conditions

– Schizophrenia

– Obsessive-compulsive disorder

No cardiovascular benefits

Contrary to popular acceptance, this oil also does not provide cardiovascular benefits at all.

A number of studies have shown that vegetable oils can actually increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

This oil can reduce the level of bad cholesterol.

However, these effects are short-term.

Organic rapeseed oil is not different

Even this oil, which is organic, goes through various production processes.

In addition, it may not have a healthier profile of fatty acids compared to commercial varieties.

Source: thehealthyhomeeconomist.com