Place Dental Cream On Your Feet Before Sleeping, When You Wake Up You Will Be Surprised! And It Is Incredible!

Many people feel uncomfortable wearing open shoes, slippers or sandals due to the appearance of their feet. In fact, dry skin, cracks and wounds can influence the self-esteem of men and women of all ages.

But there is a home element that can change that. Have you tried putting toothpaste on your feet? At first glance, this suggestion of placing toothpaste on your feet may sound like madness to anyone who has never heard of the wonders that this simple product can do.

If you do not know, dental cream has many uses, in addition to keeping your teeth clean and healthy, which can bring incredible benefits also for your feet. Therefore, this simple and homemade advice is for you suffering from cracks or other problems in the lower limbs.

Are you interested in improving the appearance of your feet and feel much more comfortable to use all kinds of footwear ?.



-200 ml of glycerin.
-100 ml of sweet almond oil.
-180 ml of white toothpaste.

It is important to note that this amount of ingredients will give 150 ml of solution at your feet.


To do it is very simple, you should place the white toothpaste in a container.
Next, place the glycerin and the almond oil, mix everything very well. You should pass that cream every day on your feet before going to sleep.


Before placing on your feet, do a little test to make sure you do not have any allergies.

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