Do You Make Tea From A Tea Bag That Has A Small Metal Clasp?

Many people that make tea from a tea bag do not pay attention to this small metal clasp when they buy tea.

The fact is that green tea is one of the teas that make a lot of benefit to our health.

Moreover, especially if you know that green tea is abundant with antioxidants in much greater quantity in relation to other herbal teas.

But what many people do not pay attention when buying tea is in what is packed the tea bags.

What type of tea bag do you use?

Almost all of our life we used tea from the tea bags.

That is especially for the teas that are coming from those herbs that we could not collect or picked in the nature such as green tea.

It is a small piece of metal, a zinc-galvanized iron that can easily fall down from the tea bag.

There are more reported cases in which the person has suffered serious health problems.

Of course, those health problems were caused by the ingestion of this small piece of metal.

Those small metal pieces that have dropped in the cup of tea can cause some problems such as stomach bleeding.

In recent times, tea makers started to pack teas in tea bag without a metal clamp at the top.

Moreover, this metal clamp on the top can make our health much more damaging than the goodness that gives us a cup of tea.

At the same time, it can also cause poisoning.

Metal dust can cause health problems in the lungs, and zinc compound can negatively affect the digestive system.

Although the opportunities for such health problems are small, they are still happening so it is better not to risk it.

Choose tea bag that is packed and wrapped with thread, if you drink tea packed in tea bags.

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