A Remedy For Burns

In case you get burnt, it is recommended that you immediately put the affected area under some cold water, and then some warm water, so that you stimulate the circulation of the blood. Then, apply a remedy made of pig fat, egg white, and 50-percent alcohol onto it.

If you burn yourself while cooking or performing some other kitchen chore, do not seek the solution in a jet of cold water. This is a kind of first aid that only helps in soothing the feeling of pain since it cools down the skin and the nerves, but does not prevent the occurrence of blisters, claims Dr. Reto Vetstein, a plastic surgeon from Basel.

It only takes twenty minutes after the moment of cooling until the pain returns again, as the temperature of the skin has risen in the meantime. As this expert advises, in order to get the desired effect, you are recommended to flush some cold water right after you got burnt, and then some warm water (at a temperature between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius) over the affected area. This will trigger the circulation.

For this type of adverse situations, the alternative medicine experts suggest preparing a homemade remedy. The preparation of this remedy is simple and easy, and it goes as follows: take 3 tablespoons of pig fat and wash the fat a couple of times using cold water. Then, mix one egg white with a small glass of 50-percent alcohol. You are recommended to use a blender for the mixing so that you get a nice, homogenous mixture that resembles whipped cream.

This remedy is efficient when it comes to soothing oil burns, oven burns, hot water burns, and sun burns since it stimulates skin regeneration, it does not cause pain, and it prevents the occurrence of scars. Apply a thin layer of this remedy to the burnt area three to four times a day. You can store the remedy into the fridge and it will last up to twelve months.

Source: healthline.com