Don’t Throw Away The Potato Peels. Make Joint Pain Relief Remedies From Them

The joint pain does not occur for no reason. If discomfort is felt in the area of the joints, it can mean salt precipitation or traumatic injury. In any case, it is necessary to establish the causes of the disease in order to determine the effective treatment.

As a remedy for joint pain relief, folk medicine proposes to use preparations that are based on potato. The biggest effect is green peels of potatoes. Due to the risk of solanine poisoning, this therapy should be used exclusively for outdoor use! But even with this kind of treatment, in less than an hour, the pain is reduced or disappears completely.

Try these 3 joint pain relief remedies

First remedy

1) The simplest method for reducing pain is to place coatings from a grated potato with a greener shell in the joint area. The selected potatoes should be washed, rinsed and warmed to a temperature that is appropriate to the temperature of the body. The warm, grated potatoes are placed between two layers of fabric and move to the affected area. It is necessary to pull a small pouch to cover the diseased place from a rough natural fabric and place the crushed potatoes in it.

The thicker the coat is, the sooner the pain is removed. Most often, the mass is distributed with a thickness of 1.5 cm, covered with thick paper, fastened to the body with a bandage, covered and left to stand all night. If the coating is fitted correctly, then not only the pain will disappear, but also the salts in the joints will begin to dissolve. One therapy consists of 10 to 12 repetitions, which are applied every day. After a short pause, the treatment can be repeated.

Second remedy

2) Cook the potato peels in water until you get strong, concentrated tea. You should drink the tea half an hour before eating, half a cup of tea, three to five times a day. And at night put the prepared potato peels from the first remedy on the diseased joints. Health measures should be applied on a daily basis until positive changes are achieved. Similarly, the liquid in which the potato is cooked with the peels, or an unpeeled potato, can be used.

Third remedy

3) Instead of coating, the joint pain relief remedy can also be made from boiled potato peels. They should be kept at the affected site for about 2 to 3 hours, and then replaced with a fresh portion. The duration of the coatings overnight can be up to 6 to 8 hours.