4 Foods That Commonly Cause Skin Problems

A food allergy occurs as a response of the immune system to specific food protein that usually is not dangerous for the organism.

Chemical reaction could occur literally to any type of food you eat. The body registers it like dangerous and releases proteins that need to fight against that particular food component. This results with adverse reactions in the body which leads to serious kind of hives, difficulty breathing or other similar body reactions.

Here are the 4 most often foods that cause numerous skin issues.

Skin problems because of food allergy

There are different types of food that are to blame for skin problems occurrence, particularly if you are allergic to them. Normally, if you are allergic to some food, the symptoms are manifesting immediately, but there are cases when they appear 2-3 hours later.

The symptoms include tingling sensation in the mouth, swelling of the tongue and throat, braking into hives, vomiting, stomach cramps and difficult breathing. All of these symptoms could result with death.

Now you can learn which 4 most common foods that could cause skin issues.

 1. Dairy Products

Dairy products are important for our body because they give us with nutrition proteins that firm our bones. But there are many proofs that point out for the dairy products like common cause for skin issues and swellings if the individual is allergic or intolerant to particular dairy product.

People who decided to eliminate dairy products from their diet reported that their skin issues and some problems like acne have shown significant decline and their skin condition is greatly improved. Those who had reddish patches and blotches on their skin were happy to say that this problem is gone.

If you find it hard to eliminate the dairy products from your diet, substitute them with almond milk and non- dairy based foods like margarines and yogurt.

2. Gluten

Gluten’s presence is increased these years and people are trying to avoid it as much as they can. The gluten allergy may cause adult acne.

Gluten is hard for digesting and the organism’s reaction to gluten is inflammation. This leads to acne occurrence, even in adult persons. When the body doesn’t digest gluten, it releases insulin which is one more factor toward acne occurrence.

The only problem is to know eatables contain gluten apart from already found products. By regulating gluten in your organism you will prevent acne occurrence.

3. Sugar

Foods that include sugar in their structure also cause many different skin conditions. When consuming cookies, cakes and chocolates you are increasing the sugar levels in your blood. In order to regulate your blood sugar levels, your body creates insulin which causes acne.

These food have high glycaemic capacity and foods that maintain blood sugar levels have reduced glycaemic load. You should regulate your sugar consummation and consume food that has low glycaemic content if you intend to remove the acne from your skin. Consume apples, beans, oranges and plain yogurt and your skin will be safe from acne.

4. Alcohol

We all want to have an alcoholic drink sometimes. But alcohol sometimes leaves negative effect on our skin when consumed in high quantity and too often. The reason behind this is that alcohol contains sugars which contribute to acne appearance and even make them worse.

Alcohol weakens the immune system which allows fungal and bacterial infections to occur. It depletes the nutrients and reduces antioxidants from our body, which are very useful for our skin and we don’t want them to go away if we like to have healthy skin.

You should consume alcohol only occasionally and in moderate amounts. When you have a glass of alcohol, you should drink more water as well. You should also diminish the effects of alcohol with a balanced and nutrient rich diet.

Source: thehealthyhomeeconomist.com