Mandarin Peel: 7 Problems That Solve Better Than Drugs

The dried peel of mandarins is used even less in relation to the orange peel. Perhaps it is because it is harder to cut their peel because it is much thinner than the orange peel. But it has a completely different aroma and can significantly enrich our menu.

The tangerine peel is used just like the orange peel.

All kinds of peels are dried in a thin layer of a shallow plate for about 2 to 3 days at room temperature with daily overturning. It is thought that the peel is dried when it begins to break with squealing;

All kinds of peels belong to the “weak”, “soft” spices, so the peel can be used in much larger quantities.

In doing so, the measure should be the taste of the bitter taste that means that the allowed limit has been exceeded.

You can make a mandarin tea that is more effective than drugs

A manner of action and medicinal properties of mandarin peel tea

Many studies have shown that the peel of tangerine has much more healing properties than the fruit itself.

  1. It helps to lower high cholesterol in the blood. Some studies have shown that there are 20 times more antioxidants in the bark of mandarin than in its juice.
  2. The high concentration of antioxidants in the peel makes this fruit a perfect ally in the fight against cancer.
  3. It also improves bowel peristalsis,
  4. relieves morning nausea in pregnant women, as well as in people suffering from nausea during travel.
  5. Some research claims that it also helps to balance blood sugar,
  6. detoxification, and relaxation,
  7. and is good for a cold and flu.

Well, next time you eat tangerines, do not throw away the peel. Dry it, then store it in a hermetically sealed jar. Use the dried peel of mandarin to prepare tea.

Here is how to make the tea:


  • dried mandarin peel
  • water
  • honey or any other sweetener, if desired
  • black tea (any other tea can be desired if desired).


To prepare this tea, first put a few slices of the dried peel of mandarin in a cup of tea and rinse them with boiled water.

This prepared tea is enough for a few minutes, then strain it from the bark and sweeten it to taste.

You can combine dried peel of mandarin with other teas. The best fit in combination with black tea.