Do You Have Itching And Bad Smell In The Holes In Your Ears? What To Do About It

Maybe you’re sorry to accept it, but there are times when our ears also suffer from infections and in many cases you do not know why.

This type of infection or discomfort is more common in people who pierce their ears for the first time.

The holes in the ears are very funny. You have the opportunity to show those beautiful earrings, and add something wonderful to your appearance. But even if you have been having your holes for some time, you will notice that from time to time they cause itching and even a bad smell, although this is not the case for most. We inform you about some remedies to end the itching and the bad smell.

Remedies to eliminate the bad smell in the holes of your ears

Hot water
When bathing, let hot water flow through the holes. You can also use a mildly antibacterial soap to clean the holes in your ears and get rid of dead skin cells that might have remained in that area.

If you have a small infection in or around the earholes, you might consider this simple remedy. Mix 1/4 tablespoon of salt with 230 ml of distilled water. Use a cotton swab and rub the slightly infected area with this solution. Subsequently, the area is moistened with paper towels, since other materials could release fibers that end up irritating the skin and worsen.

Selection of accessories
It can be a bit worrisome when the holes in your ears, which you’ve probably had for decades, start to have a bad smell, and they make a tremendous itch. But do not worry, it’s probably not an infection. It is very likely that this is a reaction to the material from which your earrings are made. You may be allergic or sensitive to a particular type of metal, such as nickel, and it may cause redness, discomfort and even loss. It would be best to get accessories made of stainless steel or hypoallergenic earrings.

Disinfect your jewelry
If you have had an infection, you must disinfect your jewelry before using it again so that you do not retransmit the infection to your ears. Simply immerse your jewelry in hot water mixed with antibacterial soap. Leave for a few minutes, then take out and clean with paper napkins.