10 Foods That Increase Sexual Appetite!

It has long been known that certain foods increase sexual appetite and also maintain a sex impulse at an enviable level.

Natural aphrodisiacs for a stronger libido guarantee that you have an enviable level of making love with your partner.

Giacomo Casanova ate 50 oysters every day in the morning for breakfast to increase libido.

In addition, that allowed him to become a “living fire” in bed.

Many ancient cultures have discovered the power of food that exacerbates sexual excitement.

The ten foods that increase sexual appetite


Pomegranate is the symbol of the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite.

Legend says that she planted the first tree of this fruit.

Pomegranate increases the production of nitrogen oxide in the body and also increases blood flow.

Of course, that is very important for the function of the sex organs and the increase in sexual appetite.


Oysters have long been a popular and a natural aphrodisiac.

They contain large amounts of zinc and proteins that raise testosterone production in the body.

They are very rich in dopamine, which affects the centers of sexual excitement in the brain.

Oysters are the perfect food for a planned sexual act and very delicious to share with a loved one.

In addition, you can have a nice glass of red wine and music near the fire.


Avocado is also one more food that is a natural aphrodisiac.

This fruit is full of healthy fatty acids and vitamin E that boost testosterone production and blood flow to sex organs.

Even the ancient Aztecs thought the avocado was excellent for the health of the testicles.



The Greeks considered figs as a symbol of fertility and also love.

Even Cleopatra liked figs.

They claim to be very stimulating for the sexual instinct of men and women because of the extremely high level of amino acids.

Some theories say that many women are also sexually excited when they see a man eating fresh figs.


Banana contains a high potassium level which helps and also increases the production of human sex hormones.

Also, bananas contain bromelain that increases libido.


Chocolate is considered a romantic food.

Many ancient tribes used chocolate in rituals of fertility.

Even the Aztec king Montezuma ate cocoa fruits in order to be ready to make love.

Chocolate contains phenylethylamine and also a high level of serotonin.

Both of these naturally occurring substances fall into those that improve mood and increase sexual appetite.

Besides them, chocolate also contains anandamide, which affects neurotransmitters identical to marijuana.


Why is watermelon one of the foods that raise sexual appetite?

It contains a substance called citrulline.

This substance spreads the blood vessels to bring more fluid into them, which increases circulation in the sexually transmitted sexual organs and makes them ready for love.

Therefore, the watermelon does not only cool us from the heat and eliminate our thirst.

This summer fruit is a great ingredient for triggering sexual impulses.


Since ancient civilization, almonds have been considered a strong natural aphrodisiac.

This “erotic nut”, as they once called, contains magnesium and also vitamin E that increase sexual desire and endurance.


In the Middle Ages, the Celts drank honey when they went to the honeymoon.

The Persians drank honey a month before the act of love to prepare their own body for that.

High levels of vitamin B and boron in a natural honey can help balance the levels of estrogen and testosterone in the body.

Red wine

A small drop of red wine can also increase the desire for the ethanol found in it.

This alcoholic drink induces the hypothalamus to revise many body functions like:

– Hunger

– Hormones

– Body temperature

– Sexual desire

However, too much red wine can cause unpleasant behavior and increase hunger.

Too much of red wine can also have a drastic reduction and lack of sexual reaction.

Now, when you know more about which ingredients increase sexual appetites you can share that with your partner.


Source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com