Ancient Healers Treated 20 Diseases With Beautiful Roses! (RECIPES)

Nowadays, almost everywhere you can find one of the most beautiful flowers in the world – Roses.

Of course, every woman enjoys the beauty of rose but do you know the healing powers of this plant?

Ancient doctors have been treated with rose water many illnesses, such as, for example, nerve fissure or lung disease.

In the case of tuberculosis, they used inhalation or breathing of scents from rose bouquets.

If you have a heart or kidney disease, you have been ingested with rose petal extracts.

What can we do with roses?

The basic curative component of rose is its essential oil, obtained by the steam distillation of freshly harvested roses.

In addition, do you know that for a single bottle of 5 ml it is necessary to collect as many as twelve thousands of roses?

That is making it a very expensive preparation.

To produce rose oil you need two varieties of roses:

– Rosa Damascena – people also call it Damask rose or rose of Castile

– Rosa centifolia – people also call it Rose de Mai, cabbage rose or Provence rose

Bulgarians were the largest rose growers and producers oil from roses.

In the city of Kazanlak, there is a kind of rose-museum called “Rozarium”, which shows the history of the production of rose oil.

There are many medical features of rose oil, one of the most versatile base oils.

Health benefits of rose oil:

– It improves the work of endocrine glands

– Removes sclerotic changes

– Rejuvenates and nourishes the cells

– Normalizes the function of the gastrointestinal tract

– Cleanses the damaged mucous membrane

– Removes the spasms of the blood vessels of the brain

– Also, it strengthens heart muscle and liver

– Struggles with dysbiosis – dysbacteriosis

– Relieves insomnia

– Relieves depression

– Also, relieves anxiety

– It is a powerful aphrodisiac

– Regulates irregular menstruation

– Strengthens the gums

– Strengthens the hair follicles

It is important to note that it is always used in the diluted form and is contraindicated in pregnant women.

In the chemical aspect, in petals of beautiful roses, we find vitamin C, carotene, vitamins B, and also vitamin K.

In addition, there are:

– Calcium in the petals (increases resistance to infections)

– Potassium (essential for normal heart function)

– Copper (participates in Haematopoiesis processes)

– Iodine (beneficial to thyroid function)

– Also contains lots of iron (necessary for hemoglobin production )

– Magnesium (excellent blood vessel dilator)

– Spasmolytics

– Selenium (an important antioxidant, actively fighting free radicals – cancer and aging cell processes).

How to treat yourself with roses?

It is interesting to note that when harmful microorganisms are in rose petroleum extracts, they are destroyed within five minutes.

That is the basic idea of treating various skin disorders.

Water extracts and creams, made of rose petals with the addition of rose oil, remove:

– Less inflammatory changes in the skin

– Irritation

– Peeling of the skin

In other inflammatory processes in the mouth and also lips, roses can treat in stomatitis and periodontal disease.

In those cases, it is much more efficient to apply a powder of dry roses with homemade meadow or black locust natural honey.

Such a mixture you need to rub on the inflated tooth place.

In addition, if you inhale a pleasant aroma of fresh rose petals or essential oil from roses, you will greatly:

– Reduce the migraine attack

– Treat the unconsciousness

– Reduce nausea

– Also, reduce sudden weakness

It was found that roses are the primary preventive alternative medicine in the treatment of nerve diseases – a rose petal bath.

It tones the body, removes fatigue, removes anxiety, strengthens the heart, and also cleanses the skin.


In a half glass of rose petals pour two liters of boiling water.

Cover the mixture and leave it covered for a period of twenty minutes.

In that way, the healing essential oil does not evaporate.

Then put the extract together with the petals in the prepared bath.

For rheumatism is especially useful hot night baths with rose water.

In the case of radiculitis, it is good to apply compressions with hot rose water, placing them on the weak-tissue region of the body.

Also, during the cold, you need to put into the nostrils tampons soaked in warm rose water.

In the case of severe dizziness, you can put on the nape a towel soaked in a cold rose water.

For interior use

Tea made from rose petals (1 tablespoon of dry rose petals poured with a glass of boiling water) is helpful for:

–  Colds

– Pharyngitis

– Bronchitis

– Various neurosis

– Anxiety

Rose tea is the best to use in the winter against a cold and flu, lung tuberculosis, and also Avitaminosis.

You can prepare rose tea in the following way:

Cut the rose petals into thin pieces and mix with unrefined sugar in ration half a kilogram of sugar with half a kilogram of rose petals.

Then leave it to stand in the next two days.

To prepare syrup:

Add one-half of lemon juice and a glass of water to a kilogram of unrefined yellow sugar.

Then put in the syrup a mixture of petals with unrefined sugar and cook until the petals are soft.

When you taste the petals they should not shrink under the teeth.

Rose oil in colds and flu

Collect petals of roses for two to three days from the formation of buds and their opening.

They will then have the maximum concentration of essential oil.

Cover the bottom of the bowl (a volume of one liter) with unrefined yellow sugar in the thickness of one centimeter and five inches with the rose petals.

You need to cover everything well by some tighter lid (pressed).

Add another layer of unrefined sugar to the contents to isolate the petals from the presence of air, and also press it all again.

Cover the bowl with a lid and also leave it in the dark place for two to three months.

Unrefined sugar will drain the moisture from the rose petals.

At the same time, its place is occupied by herbal pink essential oil.

In the end, the finished natural remedy will be in the form of a thick mass of pleasant smell.

If you have had a cold, or you have got flu, take two to three teaspoons of prepared mass into a glass of boiling water.

Then mix a mixture well.

The prepared remedy especially works well with the problems in the throat, at elevated body temperature, and also tonsillitis.

This natural remedy especially loves children.

With the same solution, it is good to rinse the throat.