Wrap Your Feet In Aluminum Foil And Wait A Few Hours, Will Relieve Many Ailments Of Your Body!

It is an innovative treatment that is very happy to people who have used it as an alternative, for the excellent results they have obtained through its use.

This is the best for pain and you have it in your pantry. Do you want to know more? Stay until the end

Wrap your feet in aluminum foil and you’ll see what happens

The use of sheets of aluminum foil to relieve pain is recorded in the books of Wilhelm Reich, physician, psychoanalyst, scientist and collaborator of Sigmund Freud. But, and why does it work?

There are some theories, such as the Russian scientist AV Skvortsov, according to which the human body is a nucleus of cells that interact directly with the Earth’s magnetic field.

By placing aluminum foil in the affected area, the increase of that interaction would occur. Another, simpler, is that aluminum produces heat and that heat would be beneficial to treat pain.

This is the treatment:

Wrap the region of pain with a sheet of aluminum foil, wide enough to cover the entire affected area. The bright part of the paper comes into contact where it hurts.

The ideal is to do it at night, before going to sleep, because the aluminum needs to be put in direct contact with the painful area for ten or twelve hours without interruption.

Do the treatment for twelve days in a row. Then, wait two weeks and repeat if necessary. The aluminum foil therapy is applied in different types of pain and is effective.

In some people, the pain disappears quickly, which demonstrates the powerful anti-inflammatory effect of knee treatment, sciatica, gout, rheumatoid arthritis and spur.

Note: The technique does not work to treat headache. For this, we must resort to another alternative; being the best one that is indicated by the specialist doctor in that matter.

Source: behappyforlife.net