Why Is It Important For Children To Cook With You?

The latest study found that children who participate in cooking food with parents eat more vegetables than those that do not participate.

Research conducted at the Nestle Research Center in Lausanne adjacent the ingredient that children choose to eat when they participate in the preparation of meals with those when they do not participate in it.

47 parents with children between 6 and 10 years were preparing the meals of variety of foods such as fried chicken, lettuce, cauliflower and pasta.

Half of the children helped their parents in preparation, while the other half were playing.

“Children who were cooking with parents ate most of his meals and much greater amounts of vegetables, and the results suggest that involving children in meal preparation can help in developing healthy eating habits and increasing of vegetable intake in children”, said the Tanjug nutritionist Dr. Klazina van der Horst, leader of the team of scientists that conducted the research.

Children who were preparing meals with their parents ate about 76 percent more salads, 27 percent more chicken, and in total they entered about 25 percent more calories.

The research also showed that assisting in the preparation of meals increase the self-confidence of children and creates a sense of pride.

Nutrition in preschool institutions provide 70 to 75 percent of daily energy needs and correct domestic nutrition, and in kindergartens are organized active participations of children in the preparation of food, particularly food of ingredients that children are more difficulty accepting.

Source: extension.org