Few Know These Incredible Tricks. They Could Relieve Pain That Many Suffer

Hello apprentice! Are you ready to learn? Would you like to know some simple tricks to calm the muscle pains that often occur: Many of these pains occur when we adopt a bad position.

Have many hours in the same position, write for a long time or sit leaning in front of the computer; they can cause many pains in the body.

Using this small article you will be able to calm and relieve pain. Do you want to know more? Stay until the end

Great tricks to remove pains using a tennis ball

Few people know these sensational tricks, but they may be able to cure various types of pains that afflict you; using for this purpose a simple tennis ball.

For the aching neck: Lie on your back on the floor and raise your head up. Then, proceed to place a tennis ball just below the base of the skull.

Proceed now to move the head, so that the ball slides comfortably through the back of your neck. At the minute, change direction by turning the head to the contrary.

Discomfort disappears in the shoulders: If your shoulders are sensitive, place a tennis ball behind the shoulder blades, lying on your stomach, and slide your back on it.

To relieve chest pain: Lean on a door or wall and place a tennis ball under your collarbone. For a minute, breathe deeply and put pressure on the ball.

Now proceed to change from side to side, slide up and down, allowing the ball to move across the length and width of the upper chest. You will feel relief immediately.

Relieves pain in the back: On two balls placed between the ribs and coccyx, now slide the pelvis making the balls run through the lower part of the back.

This done, reduce movement in the most tense areas of your back and try to relieve a little pressure when you slip in the vicinity of the spine or feel pain.

Eliminate pain in the hips : Lie on your side and lean towards the ball, which should be between the floor and the hip. Massage the region, making circles several times on either side.

Soothes sore feet: This problem is perhaps the most common: You just have to place the tennis ball in the heel and move up and down, a while for each foot.

Source: positivehealthwellness.com