Magic Normal Saline Solution For Babies And Adults: An Amazing Solution Against The Flu!

Normal saline solution or physiological serum is basically a solution of substances compatible with the human organism that is used for various medical functions : diluting the powder of the injections, to apply other substances, as a substitute for blood and to heal wounds.

here is also a fairly frequent use of physiological serum that can undoubtedly be taken as a magic solution: we refer to the nasal clearance of children when they get sick with influenza .

If you use the physiological serum for the treatment of your child’s common cold, congratulations; But if you are not given to the use of this substance, stay with us so that you find out how much it can serve to relieve your child’s nasal congestion.

We expand on the subject through the technique of questions and answers.

Is there any danger of giving the baby a physiological serum?
No, normal saline solution is made up of water for the most part, and many other substances which, as we have already said, are harmless to the human organism.

No one is allergic to saline solution nor does it react with any other medication being given to the child.

How to use saline to decongest the nasal passages of my child?

Pediatricians generally recommend applying 1/4 dropper per nostril 3 times a day. In case you notice that your child has a lot of flu and can not breathe well, you can raise the frequency up to 5 times per day.

However, we recommend you, all this you should check with your child’s pediatrician before submitting to treatment.

The technique to apply the serum is simple. Simply lay your child on your legs, face up, hold his head and throw the ¼ dropper through a nostril. Then return to the same amount of saline solution and seal it through the other hole.

You will see how the discharge begins to flow better and the nose is uncovered.

Where can I buy saline?

If you can not go out at a certain moment at home and need to use saline, you can make it without any problem.

Its formula is simple:

Bring a quart of water to a boil. When it is boiling add 9 grams of sodium chloride (common salt) and let it boil for a few seconds.

Then remove the bowl from the heat and let it cool. Pour into a sterilized bottle and leave it at room temperature.

Then you can apply it to your child whenever you need it.

Nevertheless , it is advisable that you always use the physiological serum that is sent in pharmacies because it was prepared in a laboratory and comes free of germs.

Why use normal saline and not another fluidizing nasal mucus?

Because water is always an effective element to eliminate toxins, wash, unclog. The physiological serum is mostly water and with it there is no risk of nasal flow becoming thicker.

Keep in mind that keeping your nostrils moist will cause them to become less congested. In addition, frequent use of saline when the flu is present can help the body eliminate bacteria, viruses and many allergens that are lodged in the nostrils during this phase.

Normal Saline Solution: magic solution against the flu

As you may have noticed, saline can be a good solution to treat the flu.

Common colds are conditions that should not be treated with antibiotics, antihistamines or any other medication, because there is a risk that the resulting fluids will become thicker and take longer to leave the body.

The fever that appears, if not caused by another associated condition, should be lowered with the medicines that the pediatrician has recommended you. Apply the amount according to the weight of your child and the exact frequency; However, you can also use the water packs at the same time on your forehead to speed sweating.

Moms, the flu is treated with water , although it may seem strange. Abundant liquid to drink, patience, physiological serum through the nostrils and if you want, many fruits rich in vitamin C to strengthen your child’s immune system.