Get Rid Of Splinters Forever With These Fantastic Home Remedies Fast And Easy!

Almost everything can be buried in the skin: a sliver of wood, glass or metal.The splinters!

However, tiny chips cause great pain, especially if they are housed in a sensitive place, such as under a fingernail.

There is also the possibility of infection if not extracted completely and with care.

Hence the need to know remedies and tips that can extract the chips quickly and efficiently.

Popular remedies to remove the splinters:

Remedy to remove the splinters # 1:

If part of the splinter appears through the skin, try to use some tape before tackling it with pliers and a needle. Tape the splinter and gently press down so that the tape catches it. Lift the ribbon, along with which the splinter should come out. This is effective if the chips are many and tiny, and they have not been deeply buried.

Remedy to remove the splinters # 2:

If the splinter is on the tip of the finger, fill a narrow neck bottle with very hot water up to 1 cm before it is filled. Place that part of your finger over the mouth of the bottle and lightly press down. Thus, the heat of the water “will” remove the splinter. Take care to place the bottle on a stable surface to avoid the risk of a burn.

Remedy to remove splinters # 3:

Cut a piece of warts plaster containing salicylic acid (sold in pharmacies), and stick it on the spot where the splinter is. Change the plaster every 12 hours. Protect the skin around with Vaseline; Stop the treatment if there is pain (on sensitive parts such as the tips of the fingers). The splinter should be close enough to the surface to be able to be grasped with a pair of tweezers.

Remedy to remove splinters # 4:

If the splinter is made of wood, it will come out alone if it makes it swell. For 10 or 15 minutes soak zone where the chip is buried in a cup of warm water to which have added one tablespoon of sodi bicarbonate or . Do it twice a day. A tiny splinter will swell up out of the skin. If it is bigger, this trick will make it appear enough to be able to grasp it with a tweezers.

Remedy to remove splinters # 5:

If the splinter will come out alone, use a pair of epilators. Sterilize them by rubbing the tips with phenol or by applying the direct flame of a match or lighter (allow them to cool before use). Disinfect the skin with phenol or iodine . Gently pull the splinter If required, use a magnifying glass.

Remedy to remove splinters # 6:

If the splinter is buried, also use a needle. Before applying an ice cube for 10 minutes; This will numb the area and it will hurt less. Sterilize the needle with phenol or directly apply a flame; With the tip lift and hold the skin covering one end of the splinter. Then remove it with the epilator pliers. Everything will be easier if someone helps you. Check to see if you have removed the entire splinter and wash the area with soap and water, dry thoroughly and cover with a plaster. If part of the chip remains buried it will be necessary to repeat the process.

Remedy to remove splinters # 7:

Formerly, a chipper cook used a cooking remedy that still works: bacon fat Smoothing the skin surrounding the chip, whether with this or any other fat or oil, helps The splinter slides out.

Remedy to remove splinters # 8:

Put some banana puree or slightly soapy solid soap in the sliver; Cover with a plaster and leave it all night. This causes the splinter to go out without pain. Try the same, but with a teaspoon of baking soda with enough water to form a paste.

Remedy to remove splinters # 9:

Smear pine resin or wax to warm hair on the skin and remove once it has dried, along with the splinter.


See a doctor if the splinter has been buried deep or somewhere on the face.

Do the same if you notice an infection coming in, which means that part of the chip remains buried. The typical signs of infection are pain, swelling, redness or red streaks.

Finally, you may need to get a tetanus shot , although doctors now consider it unnecessary if you have been vaccinated at least five times in your life.