This Root Is Better Than Ibuprofen, Removes Inflammation, Knee Pain And Much More…

This root is better than ibuprofen, it removes inflammation, knee pain and much more. Turmeric is a spice that in recent times has become popular.

Many have achieved a great number of benefits by consuming this root; There are even those who use it as a treatment for cancer.

Recently, the God of alternative and complementary medicine published an interesting essay about turmeric .

In this investigation it was revealed that this space is a more efficient and less toxic option than ibuprofen to combat knee pain caused by osteoarthritis.

Turmeric: its properties are better than those of ibuprofen

Many people suffering from muscular pains and inflammatory processes very frequently use ibuprofen to relieve their ailments; In fact, this analgesic is the most used worldwide for this type of pain. Today we will use this space to explain why it is better than this drug for turmeric.

The main component of this species is curcumin, which is a polyphenol that has more than 600 known health benefits. Thanks to this compound, turmeric has a high anti-inflammatory power and is much safer than ibuprofen, since it does not cause side effects.

Treatments for osteoarthritis

Some studies revealed the positive effect of turmeric consumption for those suffering from osteoarthritis. In this research, the cases of 109 patients are studied, dividing the patients into two groups assigned at random. Only one of the groups has been given a consumption of 800 mg of ibuprofen; while the other 2000 mg of turmeric a day. It is observed in both groups for six weeks.

To do this, consider the pain of each patient at rest and when doing daily activities, as in other situations such as climbing a staircase or walking 100 meters.

When examining the results, the investigation concluded that both groups presented an improvement with respect to their original condition; However, those who consumed turmeric had greater resistance and less pain when walking. For this reason, it is concluded that turmeric has a longer effect than ibuprofen.

With regard to side effects; It was concluded that the group of those who drank the ibuprofen had secondary reactions , such as acidity and headaches; while those who consume turmeric are happy with the results and without secondary side effects of importance.

For this study, a formula created by the Government Pharmaceutical Organization was used, which consists of extracting the turmeric, making it powder and then treating it to turn it into a highly concentrated oil of the substance.

The toxicity of ibuprofen

About ibuprofen, the British magazine The Lancet, recently could be as toxic as Vioxx. Vioxx is an anti-inflammatory that has been discontinued due to its high degree of toxicity. In fact, Vioxx is credited with miles of deaths related to cardiovascular diseases caused as a result of taking it continuously.

For all the above, we recommend that you help find the most natural options to treat your ailments; in the case of joint pains, why do not you try turmeric first? Your body waits for you much more grateful.

Turmeric tea recipe

Although turmeric is a very versatile tool that can be used in different recipes and smoothies, undoubtedly, the remedy par excellence to alleviate the consequences and reduce inflammation is turmeric tea.


-2 Tablespoons grated fresh turmeric root or 1 teaspoon turmeric powder.
-1 liter of water.
-Fresh lemon

How to prepare it?

Put the water to boil and then add the turmeric. If grated turmeric is used, leave it on fire for 15 or 20 minutes . If the turmeric is powdered, let it boil for only 10 minutes. When it is ready, it is filtered with a fine sieve, lemon and honey are added and it is consumed hot. Goodbye pain!!