How Sunscreen Could Be Causing Skin Cancer, Not The Sun

Sun Exposure Can Protect You from Cancer

The sun is not that harmful as everyone says it is. Companies that produce sunscreen care more about their profit, than the health of people, and it is not in their convenience to tell us that sun s actually beneficial and can protect us from cancer. Numerous studies have confirmed this relation, and show that the proper amount of sun can protect our health and prevent cancer.

It is well known that the human body needs vitamin D from the sun. The thing that we need to worry about is sunburns because they can cause melanoma, but because of many different factors like marketing campaigns and cultural changes, our skin is less resistant to the sun. The skin adjusts to sunlight in order to make natural immunity, when it is exposed to sunlight. But due to our actions to protect us from the sunlight, we have reduced the natural ability of the body to receive sunlight. There are other alternatives than sunscreen that you can use to prevent sunburns.

You can replace them with natural chemical-free sunscreens. So you can rethink twice before you believe the big name advertisements in order to preserve our health.

Radiation is the reason for only 10% of all cases of cancer and UV radiation is maybe the smallest percent in that. Many people think that the sun is the main factor for developing skin cancer, but they probably do not think about the other causes such as leather preservatives, pesticides, and also arsenic that is in many things that we ingest or work around.

It is very important to be aware of what you put in your body because sunscreens are absorbed very quickly after application and they are full with toxic chemicals. Today we believe that the sun is something to be afraid of, even though it has created all life on Earth-isn’t that a bit ironic?

But did you know that your fears can actually become reality. So always remember this – Sun is very beneficial for our health and you should use natural products to protect you from sunburns and will allow you to get all the benefits at the same time.

Healthier Alternatives

So when you chose which sunscreen to buy, read its content and do not buy the ones that have toxic chemicals. They may be rare and more difficult to find but know that they are worth the effort. Search for products that have titanium minerals and zinc in its content and avoid the ones that contain the active ingredients that are listed above. And it is a better solution to protect you with clothing and shade. You do not have to apply sunscreen each time you go out in the sun. It will only prevent the absorption of vitamin D. So it is better to avoid using sunscreen when you out for short time and fill your body with vitamin D that will improve your health.

Coconut oil is a good natural protection with an SPF of around 8. So even though it does not offer high protection, it can still be helpful. So if you choose coconut oil, besides protecting you from the sun, it will also hydrate your skin and it will make it less vulnerable to sun burning. You can also make a combination of coconut oil with other natural sunscreen. You can first apply the natural sunscreen and after several hours in the sun, you can use the coconut oil and it will provide hydration to your skin and it will use as an addition to the sunscreen.

Have you ever used coconut oil instead of the usual sunscreen? Or you apply other natural sunscreen?