Facial Cupping Is A Real World Hit!

Facial cupping stimulates collagen production and faster absorption of skin products.

The world famous face treatment is also a healthy and cheap treatment for every woman.

The “Cupping” technique that is the removal of cellulose with a vacuum cup has got a new dimension.

Namely, this looks a painful process against cellulite.

It is used with special cups that vacuum the body and thus removes cellulite but also acts against pain.

Facial cupping – a treatment for your beauty

This procedure was transferred to the face as well.

It is referred as facial cupping, which is an antique technique.

It works directly on the skin by vacuuming the circulation and, at the same time, relaxation of the muscles.

This method can reduce flatulence and wrinkles on the face as it stimulates collagen production and faster absorption of skin products.

In the world, this treatment in the regular salon for beauty is really expensive.

Nowadays, cupping therapy has gone from an expensive and exclusive spa to something that can anyone do in their homes.

Facial cupping benefits:

– Wrinkle reduction

– Facelifting

– Promoting blood flow circulation

– Smoother complexion

– It can also drain the fluid from the face

– Reduce puffiness

– It promotes a healthy system of face lymph

– Stimulating and also relaxing muscles

The treatment should last for half an hour, and after that, the skin should only be mildly red.

It is without any red parts known when it`s happened when you use body cupping therapy.

At the same time, you will be pleasantly surprised by the new look on your face.

See the instructions on how you can use facial cupping at your home.



This trend has been accepted by the world’s largest ladies, so its performance is surprisingly good.

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Source: www.self.com