My Grandmother Gives Me The Best Recipe To Deflate The Tummy

There is no one in this world more expert in natural remedies than grandmothers, since they have the ideal remedy for different types of diseases and ailments.

That is why this time we will share the recipe with which you will be able to deflate the tummy and lose weight or in a very short time.

In the safest and most natural way, resorting to extremely pure and healthy ingredients, which will not make you any damage to your body

We must point out that this recipe is not miraculous, you must also accompany it with good habits and exercises, in this way the effects will be noticed more quickly. So pay close attention so that you learn to prepare it.

Recipe to deflate the belly and lose weight

Deflate the belly

Eliminate accumulated fat in your body with only four ingredients: Lemon, Ginger, Mint and Cucumber.

The abdominal area usually has too many adipose deposits, especially in women. The ingredients of the drink that we will show you next, contain an endless number of diuretic and depurative properties, that will help to cleanse your organism of toxins and eliminate any adipose residue that is found in it.

Eliminate accumulated fat in your body, without suffering or suffering from long sessions of exercise and without risking to consume chemical products that in the long run can cause damage to your body.

With the recipe of grandmother Matilde that we will teach you to prepare next, we assure you that you will lose weight in a very significant way.


-2 liters of water
-1 Lemon
-1 Cucumber
-1 mint branch
-1 Ginger root


-Wash all the ingredients well with cold water.
-Take the cucumber, lemon and ginger, then peel and cut into small pieces or slices.
-Boil the water.
-When the water is ready, place it in a container, adding also the mint and other chopped ingredients.
-Cover the preparation, and let warm.
-When the preparation is at room temperature, take it to the refrigerator.

Eliminate accumulated fat from your body, drinking a glass of this fabulous drink before breakfast , and another before each meal of the day, including dinner.

This drink has endless depurative properties that will help accelerate the metabolism of your body, and burn calories in a surprising way.

You just have to follow the indications of this recipe and you will see how in a few days you manage to deflate your belly and lose weight without complications, all in a natural way.