Homemade Rice Bleach To Lighten The Skin and Remove Stains.

Today we bring you a natural rice bleach which is very easy to prepare, and the best thing is that the ingredients that are used are usually in our kitchen.

If you want to start looking healthier and younger looking, do not miss the following recipe of Homemade Rice Bleach To Lighten The Skin and Remove Stains.


-MediUM cup of organic rice.

-A glass of distilled water.

– A drainer or colander.

-A clean container.

What should you do?

The first thing you should do is take a large and clean container, mix the water and rice and let it sit overnight.

Then, the next morning, use the strainer to separate the liquid from the grains of rice and reserve it.

Another recommendable option is: Put to boil water and mix it with rice, to then strain the liquid and obtain a tonic very similar to the previous one.

Inside the refrigerator, the tonic can last for one to two weeks without vinegar.

Application mode:

For the application, you have to clean the skin to be treated using a little clean water and a neutral soap.

You must ensure that the face is free of all types of makeup.

Then, submerge the cotton in the rice tonic and then apply it to your body as the face, arms, neck, cleavage, armpits and legs. Immediately you will feel that your skin is softer, free of excess fat and luminous.

However, to remove the stains requires a daily application, this is because the results are not given immediately.

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Source: trueremedies.com