This Plant Is Magical, Recovers Lost Memory And Cures Many Mental Illnesses

It is very well known that thanks to our food we obtain a large amount of nutrients, so that if our diet is not balanced we will lack some.

In these cases, it is good to use food supplements so that the body receives all the nutrients it needs. For the most part, such food supplements are made with natural ingredients.

But if you want everything to be natural, we are going to recommend an excellent magic plant with which you will be able to recover the lost memory. It’s got everywhere!

Ginkgo biloba to recover memory

According to recent research, ginkgo improves the memory and cognitive abilities of those suffering from Alzheimer’s. Other research has shown that it increases concentration and memory in healthy people.

To verify the previous statements, several young people underwent 2 different tests. 52 people participated in the first test, of which half ingested 120 mg of ginkgo Biloba. For the second test 40 people were used and half also consumed 120 mg of ginkgo every day for 6 weeks.

Ginkgo and Alzheimer’s

This plant is also very good at treating mental problems. It has vasodilating properties. As a result, it increases the blood flow in the brain, which makes it work better. Recent research shows that it protects nerve cells damaged by Alzheimer’s. In different tests that were performed, improvements in the cognitive abilities of the patient could be verified.

Ginkgo and intermittent claudication

As we said, this plant improves blood circulation. For this reason, its action on people with intermittent claudication was investigated. Especially people who had trouble walking due to leg pains were used. After 8 studies it was found that those who consumed this plant, traveled greater distances than the group that did not.

Therefore, we can not believe that many marathoners use this plant to go to the competition. In this way they can reduce the muscular pains that occur days after the marathon.

Those who can not consume this plant

– Pregnant or lactating women.

– Those who are going to undergo dental surgery or other dental treatment. These people should stop consuming this plant at least 36 hours before the intervention. This will prevent complications from bleeding. In case of consuming ginkgo, notify your doctor of the use of this plant.

– The intake of this plant can alter the metabolism and efficiency of certain medications. Therefore, consult your doctor before using ginkgo Biloba if you are taking a medication.