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At the age of 40-45, the body of a woman undergoes rapid changes. It seems that a month ago everything was in order, and suddenly there appeared fat folds on the sides and under the arms. In fact, no one will be able to avoid this fate, even to athletes who have devoted their entire life to sports. Fat begins to unevenly redistribute throughout the body due to a number of factors.


Health, and especially the beauty of women, directly depends on the concentration of sex hormones. Of these, the leading role is played by estrogens, which are commonly called the main female hormones.

The production of these hormones significantly decreases after 40 years and practically ceases after 50 years with the onset of menopause. It is at this age that most women begin to turn to various specialists about the increase in blood pressure, joint pain and overweight problems.

It is explained simply. Women’s body, preparing for menopause, is rebuilt for it, and hormonal changes redistribute subcutaneous fat with an increase in its quantity. This increase in body fat is required by the body since with reduction of ovaries production of sex hormones (estrogen), this function is taken over by fatty tissue.


There are drugs designed to increase the level of estrogen in women, but often this problem can be solved without the use of any synthetic drugs, it is enough to saturate your diet with products containing phytoestrogens.

Phytoestrogens are components of plant origin, similar in function to estrogens, which are produced in the female body naturally. Despite the fact that phytoestrogens are not a product of the human endocrine system, they act on the same cellular receptors as human estrogens.

The use of products containing phytoestrogens, allows women to reduce the manifestation of symptoms characteristic of the post-menopausal period.


Soy and bean cultures
Speaking of phytoestrogens, soy and soy products are most often recollected. Interest in soybeans arose at the end of the twentieth century when health studies were conducted in Europe, Asia, and America.

It turned out that in Japan, China, Indonesia, Taiwan and Korea, the mortality from cancer and cardiac diseases is much lower than in European countries and America, and women suffer less from climacteric disorders, osteoporosis, and breast cancer.

In countries of Southeast Asia, a large amount of soy is traditionally used for food. Conclusions were drawn about the connection between high health indicators and the use of soy. Disputes are still being conducted. However, soy is indeed rich in isoflavones – genistein and daidzein, and its germs are glycitein.

Soybeans and nuts, textured vegetarian protein, tofu, soy milk and soy yogurt, soy protein powder – all contain plant estrogens, which, under certain indications, are very useful in the daily diet.
Flax seeds
Contain ligans – substances that bind to cell receptors and stimulate certain biochemical reactions. Studies on the long-term use of phytohormones have not been conducted, but it has been established that they are safe for everyone except pregnant women. Flax seeds are especially shown during menopause.
Hops cones
Contain flavonoids that bind to estradiol receptors (one of the estrogens) and have similar effects. After 40 years, cones of hops are prescribed for relief of symptoms of menopause.

Milk and dairy products
Sour cream, cottage cheese, cheese – contain phytoestrogens of herbs, which fed on cows. Cheese with mold has more phytoestrogens due to the fungus, which additionally enriches the product with its own hormone-like substances.

The roots of licorice naked
Contain isoflavones and steroids. They have a positive effect on the female body during menopause, normalize liver function.

Among vegetables, most of the phytoestrogens are in a serving of garlic, followed by alfalfa sprouts, then winter pumpkin varieties, olive oil, cabbage, and olives.



Among herbs – sources of estrogen – the one-sided Ortilia is especially prominent. Traditional healers claim that her broths have a positive effect on the woman’s body. Specialists prescribe fees based on ortilia for normalizing the hormonal background.