Remove The Crow’s Feet From The Outer Corner Of Your Eye With These 6 Simple Tips

As you age, it is normal for wrinkles and fine lines to appear, including crow’s feet. Many young people today suffer from this and the reason is due to stress or illness. In this article 6 tips will be given to remove the crow’s feet from the face.

Crow’s feet are the small lines that appear in the outer corners of the eyes as a result of laughter, exposure to the sun and natural aging. Fortunately, they are quite easy to eliminate with the arrival of a variety of home remedies, or some more intensive and permanent treatments.

What causes crow’s feet

A combination of long-term sun exposure and natural aging causes collagen production to slow down. This reduction in collagen production is what causes fine lines and wrinkles. Crow’s feet are so named because the lines we develop in the outer corner of our eyes resemble the legs of these animals.

How to remove crow’s feet

These are natural phenomena of the aging process , and can be prevented for a while, before taking more intense measures. Below, you will find some options to help you fight against these unsightly small wrinkles.

1.No smoking

This is the main one of all the reasons, because smoking harms our organism greatly. The vast majority of people know the cons of consuming cigarettes and one of them is the damage it causes to many internal organs such as the lungs.

The skin can also be damaged by tobacco, causing the skin to turn a grayish color. It also causes wrinkles and presents a haggard state. It is very common among the consequences of smoking, seeing wrinkles and dark circles.

For everything, quitting smoking is one of the best ways to avoid these wrinkles in the eyes . Doing so will not lead to the early appearance of so-called crow’s feet in the eyes.

2.Do not expose yourself to the sun

Sunbathing daily is very good, in fact many doctors recommend it as a rehabilitation treatment. It is good especially in the mornings, to absorb the nutrients from the sun’s rays.

However, things in excess are often harmful, and exposing yourself too much to the sun can quickly age your skin. As a result, crow’s feet appear.

It is therefore advisable to avoid excessive exposure to the sun . This can be done through the use of sunscreens, caps, umbrellas or hats. Whenever you know that you have not had a shadow for a long time, you must support yourself with the mentioned products.

3.Face massage

It is a simple process that can be repeated daily and several times a day. You only have to blink many times and after doing so close your eyes. This is done with the intention of relaxing and resting the facial muscles to avoid crow’s feet in the eyes.

After this, fingers are placed gently in the area where you have crow’s feet. Then you proceed to rub in the form of small circles sliding towards the beginning of the eyebrow. Once you finish this, repeat the process several times.

Finally, rub your hands until they get hot and place your palms in your closed eyes. All the massage, including the end, serves to improve blood circulation in the face .

By improving circulation, the face receives better nutrients and the oxygen that carries the blood. In this way the skin obtains greater elasticity and youthful appearance, which will greatly retard the formation of wrinkles.

4.Green tea after the infusion

Another of the tips to remove the crow’s feet is to use the tea bags. It is used as a mask for the eyes, since it relaxes, deflates and rejuvenates the appearance.

After drinking tea, it is normal to discard the bags but it is recommended not to apply them as a treatment. Once the infusion is finished, instead of throwing them out, they are stored in the refrigerator.

Lugo of this simply wait a while until it cools. Once refrigerated, place them in the eyes and let them act for a few minutes. It is recommended to repeat this treatment periodically as part of a beautifying routine.

5.Slices of potato

Potatoes, or potatoes as they are also known, are recommended for wrinkles. When sliced ​​and put in wrinkled areas, has an effect that manages to tighten the skin .

So, putting the slices of potatoes on the sides of the eyes will help greatly to reduce the folds of wrinkles. But of course it must be a treatment applied with constancy, this process must be done at least 10 minutes a day periodically.

6.Rosehip oil

It is very common for people who care for their skin to know rosehip oil . This is a very good moisturizer and has great regenerative properties .

This cream should be applied where there are wrinkles and massage the area with care. Rosehip oil is widely used by both men and older women and young, as it is of very good quality and provides great results.