Excellent Remedy To Eliminate Yellowish Teeth, Treat It Too!

From very young we know that our parents have always taught us how to take care of our hygiene, from how to bathe, to something as insignificant as it is to brush your teeth. There is a saying that should be fulfilled as it is that we brush after each meal as well as we should do when we get up.

In many cases we have heard “you have a yellow smile, you should brush better” and it turns out that this is the most common error, the fault is not the person to use a toothbrush delicately on his teeth. What we do in the toilet is the removal of tartar from our teeth, taking care that we do not damage our gums.

The true causes of what is a yellowish smile comes from the amount of food we consume that has carotenes such as carrot, spinach, tomato. In addition, those that are composed of different chemicals with dye are not saved: tea, wine, citrus, coffee and soft drinks.


Another common bleach is when you smoke a cigarette, the use of medicines or blows received in the oral area.

The first thing we must take into account is that not all of us are going to have teeth of the same clear color how a “Colgate smile” is painted, for example. This depends a lot on family genetics, we are born with a color in the teeth and whatever treatment we are going to implement, that is the color that we will be.

Another thing to know is that not all professional treatments are effective, many of these can be really harmful to our health by the chemicals that are used in the realization of them. We must make the right decision between doing it ourselves or if we leave it to a dentist.


-Sodium bicarbonate
-Toothpaste (the one commonly used)
-Aluminum foil


-Mix the baking soda with some of the toothpaste.
-Integrate them well
-Apply on some aluminum foil
-Place and press on your teeth (with the side of the paste towards the denture)
-Rest an hour and rinse
-Perform twice a day for a week.

Incredibly this can bring benefits for the teeth that are counted and do not believe, if you are willing to try it, do it.

Source: areteethbones.com