Here’s How To Expand Your Tight Shoes, All You Need To Know Is This Genius Trick

At some point of your life, you have probably bought a brand new pair of shoes and discovered that they were a bit tight and uncomfortable.

If this really happened to you sometimes, then you no longer have to worry, as there is a neat trick that you can do at any time, in order to make those good looking shoes to fit.

One thing that you should know is that this trick will work best for leather shoes, while it will still work well with artificial leather type shoes, but you will still need to try out this trick after a while.


– Get two plastic bags which have a zip-lock, because you will need to get them sealed;

– A quarter of the bags you will need to fill it with water;

– Then, place the filled bags in your shoes and put them in a freezer;

– The water in the bags should freeze completely, and then you can take the shoes out of the fridge;

– For about 20 minutes, leave the shoes at a room temperature;

– The ice in the bags will melt, and once it does, take them out of the shoes and use a hairdryer to dry them.

After this, your shoes will be stretched out well enough, so you can fit your feet in them and you will also feel comfortable wearing them.