12 Minutes a Day Is All You Need For Irresistible Legs

Having a well-turned body requires many sacrifices and therefore you have to do exercises to get it.

Many times people think it is necessary to go to the gym to exercise, but the truth is that there are routines that can be done from home and that do not take much time. This time we share a series of exercises that you can do at home with a total of 12 minutes of time invested and your legs will be completely turned and irresistible.

Home training to tone legs

You should make the most of the workouts listed below and do them consistently, work consistently will make it possible for your muscles to get used to the exercise so that you do not hurt so much at the end, in the same way, it is vital that you perform previous stretches and at the end of the routine to maximize recovery and continue working the remaining days.

These are exercises to tone legs and have irresistible legs, they are excellent and you can do them in less than 12 minutes without any equipment and obtain the expected results:

1. Training for legs, thighs, and butt

-Lunge rear: lean on your front leg when you go down make your knee as close to the ground as possible, try to balance with your weight when you go down and squeeze the rear, do it for 60 seconds.

-Pulse Lunge: in a sinking position, bounce up and down, when you reach the bottom, hold and keep your face straight, do it for 30 seconds.

-Rear Lunge (opposite side): same as the first, with the same steps, do it for 60 seconds too.

-Pulse Lunge (opposite side): same steps for 30 seconds.

-Double Dip Squats: separate the feet to the width of the shoulders to do Deep squats, make two pulses and repeat again, this for 1 minute.

-Static Squats: low squat position and stay there for 30 seconds

-Squat pulses: low squat position, press up and down, stay as low as possible, do it for 30 seconds.

2. This leg exercise works the hips and abs

-Static twists of the torso of the recline: in quadrature in the quarter, turn the shoulder but keep the hips and legs still, so that you work the obliques and move with certain speed for 60 seconds.

-Skip oblique twists: jump and rotate hips and shoulders in opposite directions when jumping, keeping hands together and arms raised, for 60 seconds.

-Lateral rises of the hip: start with the elbow and knee, move the hip up and down for 30 seconds.

-Skip oblique twists: the same steps for 60 seconds.

-Russian Roulette: sitting in the tailbone, turn your shoulders as far as you can, keeping your arms in front of you and do not use them to help you and the straight chest, do it for 60 seconds.

-Skip oblique twists: same steps for 60 seconds

-Reclining Oblique Twists: Sit in your vagabond with your back 6 inches on the ground, lift your leg and use your opposite arm to touch the outside of your foot and the other arm to stabilize you, do this for 30 seconds on each side.

-Skip oblique twists: same steps for 60 seconds

Do the exercises and you will see how your legs change, they will look more toned.

Source: healthyfoodhouse.com