Learn To Disinfect Your Mattress And Your Pillows Easily

We all want and want to live in a clean house, disinfected and free of mites and other bacteria. But wanting is not enough, because it is not an easy task and any woman knows it. Usually there are areas in our homes that are often forgotten and others that we do not know how to deal with. The latter usually happens when you consider disinfecting your mattress and your pillows.

The issue is that it is a necessary and important task, since we are talking about the place where we sleep. Although the sheets and covers protect them, it is essential that you learn to do so.

If we neglect this part, it will not only worsen respiratory diseases, such as asthma or allergies, but it can also lead to its appearance. In addition, when we have a lot of dust at home, it is easy for the quality of sleep to be compromised.

All this is due to the existence of microorganisms that prevent us from breathing adequately. Although there are multiple chemical alternatives for this purpose, for our part, we ensure that the healthiest to disinfect your mattress and your pillows are the most natural.

They are those that best respect our body and, therefore, those that produce fewer side effects. Aware of this and the ignorance that exists around this issue, we have proposed to teach you how to do it.


First of all, we recommend that you do not make the bed as soon as you get up. Do you wonder why? When we decide to do this at the moment when we wake up, you lock the sheets and with them, the particles that inhabit them and your mattress.

The best thing is, therefore, to let them breathe and to give them sunlight. This is the main enemy of the microbes, so when you set out to make the bed, many of them will have disappeared. So, if you are looking for a more aggressive solution, it will be enough to leave it in the open air one day!

You may need another, more intense alternative. In this case, we suggest using bicarbonate and disinfectant essential oils.

Source: allergyandair.com