Prepare This Remedy To Expel Those Pounds of Accumulated Waste and Cleanse The Colon

As time goes by we get a large amount of accumulated waste in our body, so it is recommended to detoxify it with some frequency.

What is the best possible way? Well, we will let you know the best of the ways, achieving a combination of two very excellent ingredients. Pay a lot of attention!

Remedy to cleanse the colon


-Lemon juice (1 unit)

-Aloe (1)

-Honey (optional)

Preparation and use:

The first step is to peel the aloe to stay alone with the crystal. We recommend that you wear gloves for this job and try not to stick it on your clothes so it does not get dirty. Now, wash the gel to remove the drool that covers it.

Now, in a blender you should put the lemon juice, the honey and the glass of aloe. Mix everything very well until you get a homogeneous substance. This powerful drink should be consumed twice every 24 hours a day.

Aloe and lemon will cleanse your colon of all bacteria and toxic waste. On the other hand, it will help to heal the intestinal mucosa, relieve pain, inflammation and much more. Therefore, we recommend that you prepare and consume this beverage as soon as possible.

Reasons to clean the colon
Improves digestion: many times we feel heaviness due to the accumulation of waste in the uterus. But when cleaning the colon, all debris will be expelled correctly.

Avoid constipation: the accumulation of waste obstructs the passage of fecal matter. Therefore, when cleaning it, we can easily expel the waste. To do this, we can drink a lot of water and have a diet rich in fiber.

It promotes the absorption of nutrients: when cleaning the colon, we release the blood capillaries of all the garbage that prevents them from absorbing the nutrients correctly. As a result, we will have better health and we will take better advantage of the food.